Thursday, February 21, 2019

CNN Just Hired A New Political Editor...And Staffers Are 'Demoralized'

Matt Vespa  @mvespa1  Feb 20, 2019

Well, CNN has a new political editor, and the staff is apparently “demoralized.” Maybe that’s because it’s Sarah Isgur, a former spokesperson for former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. You know we slam CNN a lot here. We do. They are anti-Trump, anti-GOP, they’re biased, but every now and then they do file a solid report. And apparently, every now and then, they hire a pretty solid Republican who will be helming their 2020 election coverage. That is what Isgur is tasked with doing in her new role. Still, she’s from the Trump orbit diving headlong into the enemy territory. Isgur has trashed her new employer, calling CNN the “Clinton News Network.” Side note, she’s not wrong. With someone who isn’t like them entering their halls, the staff is reportedly not too pleased (via Daily Beast):.........To Read More....

My Take - Go figure.  This is going to be an interesting situation to watch, and it does leave some unanswered questions.  Who made this choice?  Why did they make this choice?  What's really behind the thinking?  Is it possible the money people who run things are becoming disturbed at how strange the reporting and actions are of their staff? 

No matter what, why or where this is coming from it will be interesting to watch.

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