Monday, February 25, 2019

When Bureaucracy Replaces Humanity

By February 24th, 2019

I got a letter last week informing me that my catastrophic health care insurance was terminated.
The plan was terminated because of a technical glitch. Instead of billing the credit card I had designated as my primary payment option, my healthcare provider billed an old and deactivated card.

A declined payment of $10.42 (to supplement an early payment due to rising premiums) and another for $127.49 later, I lost my coverage, long before I realized there was anything wrong.  If this happened in a different industry, I likely would not have had any problems. I would have called the company and, after a short conversation and the successful payment of my outstanding premiums, I would have had my insurance back.

But the American healthcare industry is not just any industry. It is an industry that is controlled, to varying degrees, by federal, state, and local governments.........To Read More....

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