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Friday, December 16, 2022

Leftist Rights and Wrongs - or - Fixing Education is Job One in America

What do all of the following have in common? 

  • I have a right to practice recreational oblivion (drug use). 
  • I have a right to steal “stuff” from stores and not get prosecuted. 
  • I have a right to believe my “facts” are equal to yours, and then I can make you live by mine. 
  • I have a “right” to come to America, and then you must support me to become a citizen.
  •  I have a right to wealth equal to yours, and if that means taking it from you, that’s okay. 
  • I have a right to say whatever I want, but you don’t because you are irredeemably White.  
  • I have a right not to work if I don’t want to because the government is obligated to support me.

They’re all modern attitudes that are totally antithetical to a structured and sound thought process! dares not call out certain classes of people on their logic, sense, truth, or perception of reality for fear of being called any of several powerful, nasty, and socially irredeemable names.  Indeed, the power of the law backs up this craziness more every day as our society begins to buy into the belief in “thought crime.”

This didn't just come about overnight.  This has been under construction by the left for 125 years in America, with the goal of destroying all the foundational values and intellectual constructs that made America great, and it started with education.  The goal of the socialists who created organized education was to make sure the apple fell as far away from the tree as possible.  

[Starting with] John Dewey, leftists have been feverishly working to politically destroy the United States. Mr. Dewey and his like-minded followers understood, in order to change the United States into a lesser nation under international dominance, Americans would have to be weaned off of the principles that made her great. So, the gradual turning away from school education toward globalist-oriented indoctrination began. The evil father of the indoctrination system of government schools producing misguided fools began in earnest in the latter half of the nineteenth century.............Think about it. Today, almost half of American students hate God. They are also willing to take on the mantle of socialism, despite the horrors of it displayed in our hemisphere via Venezuela, and so many more failed countries.

The goal was to make the state the final and ultimate moral arbiter for the children, not their parents, not the churches.  The state!  We're there now, and they did it with the help of two Presidents, Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, both of whom believed in two concepts:  "l'etat se moi", I am the state, and the Constitution is an impediment to human progress.  

All this is now supported by a totally corrupted education system in America. and the false history that's promoted and touted by the left is causing America to commit suicide, destroying us with out own values.  All outlined by Saul Alinsky in his Rules for Radicals.  

We know their goals and their means, now we have to have the courage and fortitude to confront them and transform education in America.  That starts with understanding education must become Job One in America.  It's been totally taken over by leftists, Marxists, socialists, communists, Democrats .....sorry.... I'm repeating myself.....and if America is to survive education at all levels must be totally transformed, and that has to start at the local school boards.  These school boards must be forced to realize the parents exercising their Constitutional rights are the power, and they're just hired help.  Hired help that can be thrown out of office, and that needs to start now.

And that mentality needs to be expanded to the state boards of education.  To fix this it must become an organized national effort, and one the Republican party would do well to adopt and promote.   From there to the elimination of the Department of Education and any funding to universities, and tax their endowments that are worth billions of dollars.  

Force them to become for profit institutions that have to compete without government grant money or student loans.  Then as totally private businesses, it they wish to push their leftist agenda and compete for student dollars in an open market, that's their business.  But the government must be forced to stay out of it and not force these insane diversity, inclusion and equity programs that are doing nothing more than destroying the nation. 

We must recognize and understand all the "rights" demanded by leftists are "wrongs", all promoted by losers who through the years imposed:

  1. The totalitarian brutality in nations that (so far) have murdered and starved 100 million people?
  2. The economic illiteracy of a system that has anywhere and everywhere produced misery and poverty?
  3. The moral abomination of an ideology that assumes individuals are abjectly subservient to the state.

That's history and that history is incontestable, and that's the history that needs to be taught and it needs to be taught now, and as I've stated, it wouldn't hurt the Republican Party to embrace that concept and vigorously promote it because parents in America are now being awakened to the tyranny and corruption at the school board level.  Now all it would take is some leadership to create a national agenda and definitive corrective action, and I believe that would expand into all aspects of America life. 

The base has been awakened!  Will the leadership act?  We'll see.

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