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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Washington Post goes woke on Argentina and it doesn't end well for them


The Washington Post ran what it must have thought was the standard wokester argument like the rest of them, upbraiding Argentina in an op-ed for not having enough black soccer players on its national team in the World Cup. "Why doesn’t Argentina have more Black players in the World Cup?" the headline read, leading to an op-ed by some El Paso wokester professor who apparently doesn't know much about Argentina, whose capital is 5,534 miles away from El Paso. The Post's vaunted fact-checkers didn't seem to know much, either. Suffice to say, it didn't go well for the Post.

The Argentines responded with fury at the sorry woman's sheer ignorance of their country (GatewayPundit has some choice replies), and the Post had to run an embarrassing correction. According to Fox News:............. To Read More

 Editor's Note:  Please take some time and review My Argentina File, which goes back to 2012.  RK


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