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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

You Can't Handle the Truth: Part IV By Rich Kozlovich 

 Since tomorrow will be my last post for 2022, I thought I had better get this one out now.  So far I've posted three articles with the titled theme, You Can't Handle the Truth!, You Can't Handle the Truth! Part II and You Can't Handle the Truth: Part III, mostly, but not all, dealing with the invertebrate failure of Republican leaders. 

 Well, this continues in this vein, and I'm inclined to think this won't he the end of this series because it's clear philosophically the Republican party leadership does not want to change the direction they've been going all these years lying to the base when running and turning into enablers of leftist insanity once elected.  And with the exposure of the RNC's reckless spending it's clear there's not all that much difference between the corruption of the Democrats and the Republicans.

I've been asked more than once what I think the difference is between the Democrats and the Republicans.  I said the Democrats want to steal and waste all you money and control every aspect of your life right now, and the Republicans are willing to be patient and wait a week or two.   

Let's start with the $1.7 Trillion, 4,155-page omnibus bill this lame duck Congress is wanting to push down everyone's throat.  Four thousand and one hundred and fifty five pages of corruption, that no one will have time to read, but what has been read is extraordinary. 

 Let's meet the Senate RINOs who voted to advance this massive stinking bag of pus:

Blunt, Boozman, Capito, Collins, Cornyn, Cotton, Graham, Grassley, Hyde-Smith, McConnell, Moran, Murkowski, Portman, Romney, Rounds, Rubio, Shelby, Thune, Tuberville, Wicker and Young.

Some of whom are considered "conservatives", like Rubio, Thune and Grassley.  While Grassley and Graham have the tendency to bounce back and forth giving little confidence in either of these two, I had no delusions about the others, and now small confidence in Rubio, and should that surprise us?

Rob Bluey in his December 19 article, No Surprise: Republicans Won’t Hold Biden accountable states:

In just two weeks, Republicans will control the U.S. House of Representatives. They’ll be able to conduct oversight of the Biden administration that’s badly needed after two years of unified Democrat government.  And yet, even before House Republicans get the gavel, they are about to lose their leverage to hold the Biden administration accountable.   Why? At least 10 big-government Senate Republicans are likely to join Democrats to approve the massive $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill in Congress this week.  Doing so would undermine one of the House GOP’s campaign promises. When rolling out the “Commitment to America” in September, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., made government accountability a core pillar of the plan.

Ear marks are back, and one of them will allot over $500 Million to murder babies.  Their justification? Population growth may “threaten biodiversity”.  In short, plants, bugs and animals will take priority over human life.  

And Republicans voted for that? 

Passing Omnibus Means FBI ‘Unaccountable’ for Twitter Files“: 

This FBI is out of control. … Who is funding this? I mean, Congress has to step up in the next few days and say, we’ve got to wait until January to fund these government agencies, or else they’re going to continue to be unaccountable.”

Omnibus Allocates Hundreds of Millions for J6 Prosecutions, FBI 

U.S. attorneys will see a $212.1 million increase in funding over FY2022 levels, “including to further support prosecutions related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and domestic terrorism cases,” a summary from the House Appropriations Committee states. 

And Republicans voted for that?

Not only are the Senate Republicans being Democrat enablers, they're partakers also, as retiring Inhofe slips $511 million into $1.7 trillion legislation.  What does he want?  Well, here are some of the bigger earmarks for Inhofe:

  • $114 million for the Air Force for KC-46A 1 Bay Depot Corrosion Control Hangar
  • $90 million for the Air Force KC–46A 2–Bay Program Depot Maintenance Hangar
  • $86 million for the Army Advance Individual Training Complex Phase 2  in Oklahoma
  • $40 million for the Tulsa International Airport (TUL) Air Traffic Control Tower

The omnibus spending bill also includes $45 billion in military and economic aid for Ukraine, which Inhofe has been a vocal advocate for despite Americans’ declining support for entanglement in Ukraine.

This is for a Pentagon that has out on control and unaccounted for spending. The Pentagon can’t even account for most of its assets.  If any business in America operated like they do they'd end up broke and probably in jail.  

Defense contractors sponsor ritzy gala for Ukraine’s ambassador and DC elites December 16, 2022 Corporate war machines lobbying for American dollars and human collateral — life really does imitate art.

 The tentacles of the Military Industrial Complex run very deep in Washington December 19, 2022 Promises of war and big profits show us how efficient Washington can be. More

GOP Rep. Dan Bishop reveals ‘some of the most egregious provisions’ in Dems’ massive omnibus bill with massive give aways and hugely expanded health care costs, which we can't pay for now.  It also forbids improving border security, while at the same time allocating $410 million towards border security for Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman. 

And Republicans voted for that?

When you read where Dem Sen. Murphy says the Omnibus Bill Won’t Be Extraordinarily Inflationary because much of this money is going overseas, it's because 40 billion is allotted to Ukraine, and "$1,438,000,000 for membership in global multilateral organizations, including the UN."  Out of a 1.7 trillion dollar spending bill about 1.5 trillion will go to those who aren't even Americans.  Even Palestinian terrorists will be compensated for being....well....terrorists, as the Palestinian Authority will receive, either through this package or some other corrupt deal, nearly $1 billion in aid.  Which is in violation of American law, "the Taylor Force Act...... prevents taxpayer funds from being given to an entity that supports terrorism". 

And Republicans voted for that?  

It turns out resistance to McCarthy's run for Speaker of the House has had some effect, as McCarthy supports  House conservatives who threaten revenge if RINO Senators vote for the Omnibus Bill.

It's the House that controls the purse, not the Senate, but if McCarthy wins the Speakership just how reliable will he be when the pressure starts to mount?  I've little confidence in McCarthy, and total distaste for McConnell who claims ...... now get this..... America's 'Number One Priority' is helping Ukraine.  

  • Not a reduction is spending.  
  • Not a reduction is government overreach.  
  • Not a reduction in taxes.  
  • Not out of control crime. 
  • Not out of control illegal immigration. 
  • Not the rising cost of energy. 
  • Not the rising cost of virtually everything as a result of inflation that's quickly becoming uncontrolled because of all this massive and insane spending.  

No, it's defense of Ukraine.  Could anything make it more clear how corrupt and out of touch he is with reality and a total failure as a leader?  As Andrea Widburg states: 

Slightly over a month ago, 37 out of 49 Senate Republicans re-elected Mitch McConnell as their leader.  Yesterday, speaking on behalf of those Republicans, McConnell stated in the clearest terms possible what matters to the GOP: Ukraine.  During a time of economic upheaval, border breakdown, soaring crime, and rising energy costs, it's Ukraine that matters..........And there you have it.  You were not imagining it.  When it comes to what matters to our elected politicians, it's not you.

And the Republicans in the Senate voted for him because Senate Republicans could care less about you.  Imagine that!

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