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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Tragic Case Of Professor Paris Svoronos

December 21, 2022 By Thomas J. Bruno

A few months ago, the news was filled with the narrative of Prof. Maitland Jones’s termination from NYU because his course was “too hard.” Bad as Jones’s experience was, what happened to Professor Paris Svoronos is even worse.

Jones is a renowned organic chemist teaching part-time at NYU after a distinguished four-decade career at Princeton. I can tell you why he “kept his hand in” at NYU: he simply loved imparting knowledge to young future scientists (and allied professionals) sans the burden of writing grants and unrelenting committee work that can crush an academic. But organic chemistry can be tough, and a few snowflakes blubbered over their grades. Jones had to go.

The media have described organic as the weed-out course for those hoping for medical school; I’m not sure I agree (wait till you get to P-chem, dear children!). Regardless, it is a demanding subject that requires significant work. It’s easier, though, to complain............

 How did Svoronos accomplish this? He applied his own unique version of tough-love, ass-kicking, take-no-prisoners teaching. Is he rough on students? Absolutely! Does he tolerate mediocre efforts or laziness? Not hardly! He demands that students arrive to class on time and be engaged. He expects performance and success from his students, all the while giving them the tools to achieve that success...............To Read More.....

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