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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Brooklyn professor openly calls for ‘aufhebung’ of the family

December 14, 2022  By Olivia Murray  

Despite its proven track record of oppression, misery, and death, communism won’t just die — and we largely have American leftists to thank for that. Their philosophies are so depraved, and so antithetical to truth and morality, modern leftism provides the perfect asylum for Marx’s ideas to proliferate.

The most brutal figures in the last century were its adherents, but apparently that’s not a red flag to people like Sophie Lewis, a professor at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. According to her staff biography, Lewis is the author of Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family and Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation. She “teaches courses on feminist, trans and queer politics and philosophy, including family abolitionism” and for her doctoral program, “sought to reframe the political economy of contract pregnancy for the purposes of antiwork [sic] polymaternalist utopianism” — a communist who doesn’t want to work, imagine that — and lastly, Lewis “helped foster communities of Marxist-feminist cultural criticism.” 

She is a scholar of crackpot academia; and frankly, a cheap ‘Made in China’ knockoff. Marx and Engels already called for “abolition of the family” and they already called their book a “manifesto” — these people are seldom original...............To Read More...

My Take - Sure, she's a loon and a crackpot, but she's more representative of academia than not, and another good reason to stop funding academia. Here's the take on this misfit nitwit. 

Sophie Lewis is a writer, translator and feminist geographer living in Philadelphia.  Her translations include Communism for Kids by Bini Adamczak (MIT, 2016, with Jacob Blumenfeld), A Brief History of Feminism by Antje Schrupp (MIT, 2017) and Unterscheiden und Herrschen by Paula-Irene Villa and Sabine Hark (Verso, 2019). Lewis is a member of the Out of the Woods collective, an editor at Blind Field: a Journal of Cultural Inquiry, and a queer feminist committed to cyborg ecology and anti-fascism. She has published her work, on subjects ranging from Donna Haraway to dating, in Boston Review, Viewpoint magazine, Signs, Dialogues in Human Geography, Antipode, Feminism & Psychology, Science as Culture, Frontiers, Gender Place & Culture, Jacobin, The New Inquiry, Mute, and Salvage Quarterly.   

I had no idea what a feminist geographer was so I looked it up.....and believe it or not......there actually is a Wikipedia link for this:

Feminist geography is a sub-discipline of human geography that applies the theories, methods, and critiques of feminism to the study of the human environment, society, and geographical space.[1] Feminist geography emerged in the 1970s, when members of the women's movement called on academia to include women as both producers and subjects of academic work.[2] Feminist geographers aim to incorporate positions of race, class, ability, and sexuality into the study of geography. The discipline has been subject to several controversies.[3][4]

Subject to several controversial?  Really?  Imagine that.  If anyone can believe there's an iota of rational thinking and logic in that.....they're certifiable.  Here's the link to Out of the Woods Collective, and these other things she's involved with are just as loony. 

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