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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Recognizing America’s deep problems allows radical change for the better

Glenn Ellmers, a highly credentialed research fellow at the conservative Claremont Institute, is trying to move conservative intellectuals from constantly ruminating about the problems with the American system to being more proactive about pushing workable solutions. This means recognizing that some problems are intractable and that only an ideological counter-revolution will lead to change.

In Conservatism is no Longer Enough, Ellmers began the work of convincing people about the need for action, not navel-gazing. Possibly in response to pushback to that article, Ellmers published Hard Truths and Radical Solutions, in which he essentially doubles down, warning, “Only by confronting the most uncomfortable truths about our lost republican heritage will we summon the necessary courage and strength to fight for its recovery.” ...........To Read More.......

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