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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Media Are Mankind's Greatest Enemy Rich Kozlovich 

Over fifty years ago I commented to friends I felt everything we read in the newspapers was actually being controlled by a handful of people, which of course they all laughed. But when I kept seeing the same stories being reported on, much of it originating with the Associated Press and United Press International, and a couple of others, I wondered why they weren't covering other events going on in the world. Events I knew were happening and clearly being ignored.  

Well, now we know why.  

The world's media was a closed cabal, run by shills for what we're calling a leftist narrative. The New York Times, commonly called the "Gray Lady", and the "Newspaper of Record", that still makes the claim in their pages are filled with "All the News That's Fit to Print," which they still tout.  That dates back to 1897as a declaration of their intent to print the news honesty and impartially.  They failed! Miserably!  The NYT became amongst the worst at both.  

Their deliberate support of Joe Stalin by covering up his mass murders through starvation in Russia is just one example, and that was in the 1930's.  Their Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Walter Duranty, did everything in his power to deny  Stalin's crimes against his people, even calling reporter liars who tried to tell the truth.  The New York Times leaders knew it, and so did all the other reporters who covered Russia.  Most of whom didn't have the guts to fight the good fight.  

Duranty was a Satanist, a deviate and a liar of massive proportions who worked to hide the fact Stalin starved five million people do death.  Dennis Behreandt demonstrates all this in his article, Duranty’s Lethal LiesAnd nothing has changed.  On Monday July 18th, 2022 the "Pulitzer Prize Board Stands by Awards Given to NYT, WaPo for Russia Hoax Reports".   The NYT and the Washingtion Post lie, and are given awards for those lies, and then stand by the awards.  

While the NYT now disavows Duranty's work, they refuse to disavow the Pulitzer Prize and return it, and the Pulitzer Prize committee refuses to ask for it back.  What we see here is a pattern of lies and deceit from 1930 to 2022 that permeates the entire media environment.

What kind of integrity is that?  

The fact is the New York Times isn't a "Gray Lady".  The New York Times is an Old Gray Hag, offering poisoned apples to the world, and it's not alone. 

The thinking at the NYT, the Washington Post and the rest of these propaganda organs of the left, including the broadcast media, is irrational, misanthropic, morally defective and mentally deranged.  Just like the groups they support.  Mark this down. I predict the day will come when the New York Times, the Washington Post and the rest will cease publication, but it can't be soon enough.  If it weren't for the "alternative media" we would still be being misled by these liars, hypocrites and traitors to humanity.
In the movie  K-19: The Widowmaker, the captain meets with what was left of his crew to honor those who died for their comrades saying: 

For their courage I nominated these men for the title of hero of the soviet union. But the committee ruled that because it was not wartime, and because it was merely an accident, they were not worthy of the title hero.  What good are honors from such people?
The same question should be asked regarding Pulitzer Prize Committees.  What honorable journalist would want honors from ones such as these? 

Now that closed media cabal is being exposed for their mendacity by an alternative media, and as Martha Stewart says:  "It's a good thing!"

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