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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Arizona Election Judge Michele Swinick Calls November Midterms the Most Fraudulent, Corrupt and Rigged Election in American History

by Kevin Hughes December 15, 2022

Veteran journalist JD Rucker joined host Michele Swinick to discuss the stolen November midterm elections during the December 9 episode of “Everything Home” on Brighteon.TV.  Swinick called last month’s midterms the most fraudulent, corrupt and rigged election in the history of America, with the worst case happening in Arizona. (Related Story: Arizona AG’s office demands answers from Maricopa County election officials after widespread voting problems on Election Day.)

“America has been taken over and you’ve officially lost your number one sacred right, which is your ability to choose your representatives through your vote. You think you have freedom? You really don’t,” said Swinick. She urged Americans to stand up, speak up, show up and join the Save My Freedom.US campaign............To Read More..... 

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