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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

ESG is Irrational, Misanthropic and Morally Defective By Rich Kozlovich

 On Dec 19 2020 Jordan Schachtel published this piece, Exclusive: Davos 2023 will feature BlackRock & TikTok CEOs, with WEF demanding more censorship and tyranny, on The Dossier, his web site listing some of the speakers and themes for that meeting saying:

The World Economic Forum (WEF) will host its annual meeting in Davos next month, and for the second year in a row, The Dossier the first publication to publish a list of speakers attending the invite-only, ruling class gathering in Switzerland. The World Economic Forum is a fanatical political organization masquerading as a neutral entity, with specific policy goals that involve centralizing power into the hands of hand-picked global elites as the only means to save the earth from a claimed climate emergency. The annual Davos conference acts as an ultra exclusive in-person narrative and ideas exchange for this hand-picked ruling class. The WEF is led by frontman and president Klaus Schwab, who advocates for a “green transition” through his misleadingly named “stakeholder capitalism” agenda, which amounts to technocratic tyranny..........Movements such as The Great Reset, Build Back Better, and the ESG agenda were pieced together by WEF “stakeholders” at previous Davos confabs................

And what is on the agenda according to Jordan Schachtel, "Davos 2023 will feature BlackRock & TikTok CEOs, with WEF demanding more censorship and tyranny."

  • “Why We Need Battery Passports”
  • “Leading The Charge Through Earth’s New Normal” (Featuring Al Gore)
  • “A Living Wage For All”
  • “Enabling An Equitable Transition”
  • “Beyond The Rainbow: Advancing LGBTQ+ Rights”
  • “Advancing Racial and Ethnic Equity” (Moderated by CNN)
  • “Decarbonizing Supply Chains” (Moderated by Chinese state television)
  • Finding The Right Balance For Crypto”
  • Tackling Harm In The Digital Era”

For some time I, along with a great many others, have pointed out there's an international conspiracy to destroy the American Constitution, the only thing standing between a feudal socialistic neo-pagan form of global governance and a free world.  As the Canada Free Press states, ""

  • So, what happens when a "conspiracy theory" is not a theory?  
  • What happens when but fact that "theory" is reality?  
  • What happens when the nation's leaders are part and parcel of that conspiracy to destroy the traditional Judaic/Christian values of the western world and replace those values with abject  secular tyranny?   
  • What happens when the law enforcers are the law breakers?  

These Twitter exposes give definitive proof the FBI has been illegally spying on people, working to overthrow elections and even conspire to illegally attack a sitting President and put globalist misanthropic puppets in place, and corrupting the voting system of the entire nation in order to do it. 

There are three areas of the Constitution that are the most seriously being attacked.  The First Amendment regarding the Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion, and the Second Amendment, The Right to Bear Arms.  All of which are foundational to a free people standing between insane leftist mandates, regulations, unconstitutional laws, out of control elitist leadership and an out of control federal bureaucracy. 

Remember, the First Amendment" is about freedom of speech and religion, and there's a reason it's the "First Amendment".  Apparently the Founding Fathers believed, and rightly so, those were the most important philosophical rights to establish a free nation, ergo, destroying them is the driving force for the left, and crashing the American economy is the tool they're using to do it.  No matter how badly their actions impact the economy, they're not going to stop, as this article states:

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, will continue to push for leftist environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies when it engages with companies and exercises its voting rights — despite backlash from Republicans.

Since all these leftist schemes are financial losers their actions are a failure of their judiciary responsibilities to the stockholders.  To keep doing what their doing requires censorship, making sure they can censor anyone who dares question or challenge their cleanly illegal activities.  

All of what's discussed here is just the tip of the iceberg, and these misfits won't stop until they've driven humanity back into a dark age of modern feudalism begging at the table for crumbs and handouts from government. 

Here are the 45 Communist Goals to Destroy America as Listed in the 1963 Congressional RecordCommunism and fascism are two sides of the same coin, socialism!  And much of what these socialists have been working to achieve for the last 125 years has come into being, and

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