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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Big Lie of Communist Hegemony in China Falls Apart

The regime's grip doesn't look as solid as it did a week ago. 

November 29, 2022 by 6 Comments 

Everyone can be taken. And any honest person should admit that when the moment happens.  Like a lot of people, I believed that the Communist Party’s grip on China was solid. I thought that not only based on the big picture, but anecdotal accounts and personal conversations. Chinese Christians would tell me that Communist atrocities had happened to their grandparents, but they still supported the regime for nationalistic reasons. The lack of any meaningful opposition beyond a handful of eccentric dissidents seemed to confirm that. Between its social credit system, secret police and growing prosperity, the Communist Party had defeated the threat posed by Tiananmen Square and ruled securely.

The protests taking place in China show that the myth of Communist hegemony, the one that the regime itself had likely come to believe, was not true. Or if it was true, it fell apart with Zero COVID.

It can be hard to say how a protest movement takes off. But it’s undeniable that one exists.........To Read More....

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