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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Millstone or Milestone? Where does education stand?

Public education is best directed and run on a local level where communities that recognize social, cultural and moral needs set the standards for well-rounded instruction in the schools

By ——--December 19, 2022 

Believers are faced with a challenge to ensure the next generations are set on the path to a fulfilling life based in faith. Family, the Church and education centered in biblical values is the key to what’s necessary to help youth successfully navigate the surrounding culture.

Education choices are being whittled down as public schools are focusing more and more on secular social issues instead of core subjects that build character, critical thinking and skills necessary for individual achievement in trade, business or higher education… what used to be called “reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic.” The essential three “R’s” have evolved into STEM studies that public education has emphasized to the point that learning proper English, unrevised history, geography, civics, etc. is no longer considered crucial to a balanced curriculum.

Students’ education is being truncated by public schools,...............To Read More....

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