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Monday, December 12, 2022

All I Want for Christmas is Election Integrity

As we start the most magical time of the year, we must still make sure Republican leadership hears us through the mistletoe. Most conservative patriots remain disgusted that McConnell, McCarthy, and McDaniel (now known collectively as McFailure) did nearly nothing following the 2020 Presidential debacle. Their lack of spine and urgency to protest and legally challenge numerous election irregularities emboldened our “friends” across the aisle to be more blatant with election shenanigans. The proof is Arizona’s gubernatorial election.

State and national Republican leadership in Maricopa County, Arizona, made as much noise as cacti on Loop 101.

Western Journal founder Floyd Brown was on Steve Bannon’s The War Room speaking about voting irregularities in Arizona:

On Election Day… We had a complete disaster. Complete malfeasance in Election Day voting and literally thousands of people left the polls. Here in my neighborhood, there was a three-hour wait… Everyone out here knows Kari Lake won the election fair and square but they’re doing everything they can to be able to stop her from taking over as governor… Kari Lake is one of the most talented politicians or spokesmen for the MAGA movement, period. She is an unbelievably gifted communicator… It’s very vital Steve. The truth is if we don’t control Arizona there is no pathway for any Republican, I don’t care if it’s DeSantis or Trump or any other possible candidate. Without Arizona there is no path to winning the next presidency.

As our percolating banana republic goes from “election integrity” to “election thievery,” Republican leadership’s answer is to get on the bandwagon and play the same ballot harvest game. Their thinking is that if blue states like California can take days to count votes, so there’s plenty of time to find boxes filled with ballots for Democrat candidates, Republicans can do it, too. If Democrats can get dead people to vote, Republicans can do it, too. If Democrats can win with more votes than there are people in a district, Republicans can do it, too. If Democrats can dump dubious ballots into isolated ballot boxes, Republicans can do it, too.

How about Republican leadership pushing back and insisting on election integrity? An Election Day with in-person voting (exceptions for military and infirmed), voter ID, and paper ballots. Does that sound implausible?

Want implausible? Go back to 1776 and 13 colonies primarily inhabited by farmers and small businessmen forming a ragtag army that, against all odds, fought the behemoth Great Britain military and won.

Image by freepik.

First, we must recognize the problem

The only time Republican leadership seriously seeks out conservatives is during an election cycle. Douglas MacKinnon summarized this in his well-titled essay, Republican Establishment to Conservative and Faith-based Voters: ‘Drop Dead’:

Once reelected, and often because of conservative and faith-based voters, those establishment Republicans and their leadership would stab those constituencies in the back as they cozied up to corporate America, lobbying firms, Big Tech, the mainstream media, and any special interests who might fund their campaigns or hire them once they left Congress.

Conservative patriots must make three admissions about overall Republican leadership:

  • They lean liberal, such as their embrace of transgenderism.
  • They don’t want to stand up and fight back.
  • They are content being part of the UniParty.

In 2020, this was the national Republican party leadership:

  • Mitch McConnell—Senate Minority Leader
  • Kevin McCarthy—House Minority Leader
  • Ronna McDaniel—Republican National Committee Chair

Now consider the proposed 2023 national Republican party leadership:

  • Mitch McConnell—Senate Minority Leader
  • Kevin McCarthy—Possibly House Speaker as his election is problematic given major GOP dissension
  • Ronna McDaniel—Republican National Committee Chair

The same people doing the same things. Albert Einstein famously said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

The Senate already voted for Mitch McConnell to be their leader, and shame on all those Republican senators who rewarded the swamp leader with another term.

With a razor-thin majority, House Republicans might have no choice but to elect Kevin McCarthy solely to make sure leadership remains Republican. This is yet another conservative “hold your nose and vote” because McCarthy swims in the same swamp as his Never Trump buddies, including former House Speaker Paul Ryan and pollster Frank Luntz.

That leaves the Republican National Committee chair. If you’re all for promoting non-conservative agendas (such as transgender lifestyles) and refusing to challenge election irregularities, Senator Mitt Romney’s niece McDaniel is your candidate for re-election. But if you want a chairperson with the fortitude and spine to push back at Marxist-leaning Democrat insanity, MyPillows founder Mike Lindell might be the better candidate.

Huh? The pillow guy?

Alternatively, find another bold, competent, and fearless America First champion ready, willing, and able to lead us to victory in 2024 and beyond. There is no time to waste after the less-than-sterling GOP success in 2022, and still git ‘r done bigly.

Well, we heard the same types of negative comments when Donald Trump rode down the escalator and diligently worked on behalf of the American people to Make America Great Again.

Never Trumpers freely toss the word “loser” around while pointing to President Trump. They should point those fingers at RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel:

2018 – GOP lost control of the U.S. House

2020 – GOP lost control of the White House and U.S. Senate.

2022 – GOP fell far short of expectations that she frequently sprouted during the campaign.

South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem, speaking on Fox News in late November, said about McDaniel, “I don’t know if a party can continue to lose like we have and keep their jobs.”

What now?

Conservative patriots must get involved. Whatever you can do, do it. One person makes phone calls and sends emails, while another shows up at school board, city council, and supervisor meetings to give public comment. One person writes a donation, while another writes letters to the editor or CEOs. One person helps local candidates improve their name recognition, while another helps conservative college students grow awareness on campus. Every America First conservative can do something!

As the special Christmas season comes upon us in all its glory, what ails our magnificent republic will sadly still be here at the start of 2023. For the next few weeks, let’s celebrate the reason for the season (for Christians, the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, and for Jews, the miracle of Hanukkah) and commit that, in the New Year, we will insist that Republican leadership advance conservative Judeo-Christian values or step aside for those who are willing to Make America Great Again…again.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


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