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Friday, October 18, 2019

The Government School Cabal Must Pay The Piper

By | October 17th, 2019|
Ever since the forlorn days of John Dewey, leftists have been feverishly working to politically destroy the United States. Mr. Dewey and his like-minded followers understood, in order to change the United States into a lesser nation under international dominance, Americans would have to be weened off of the principles that made her great. So, the gradual turning away from school education toward globalist-oriented indoctrination began. The evil father of the indoctrination system of government schools producing misguided fools began in earnest in the later half of the nineteenth century.  

One has to ask, did Dewey and his fellow haters of God and liberty have the right to engage in their dastardly mission to destroy our exceptional nation way of life. Personally, I don’t think so, but they were most certainly allowed to have their merry way to seriously infect American education with a litany of practices to harm our republic. Think about it. Today, almost half of American students hate God. They are also willing to take on the mantle of socialism, despite the horrors of it displayed in our hemisphere via Venezuela, and so many more failed countries.  

Dewey and his friends wanted to rid America of the God inspired concept of rugged individualism. It emphasized you and I being free to reach our greatest potential through personal achievement. Because of the original underpinnings of such Godly principles as charity, thrift, diligence and faith, America became the number one place on earth, where anyone, no matter their station in life had a good shot at securing success and leaving a great legacy and an inheritance for their children and grandchildren.............To Read More..... 

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