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Thursday, October 17, 2019

CNN Presidential Debate Show

Dem candidates pine for socialism, trash Trump and tout impeachment.

Lloyd Billingsley  64  

The undercard of the Democrat debate kicked off Tuesday morning when previously missing-in-action Hunter Biden gave an interview with ABC News. Joe Biden’s son conceded it was “poor judgment” to be involved in ventures in Ukraine and China that have complicated his father’s situation. On the other hand, Hunter insisted he “did nothing wrong at all.

Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders had just emerged from Heart Attack Hotel and Elizabeth Warren had not, as she claimed, been fired because she was visible pregnant. Like her false claim to be a Cherokee, that was no obstacle to a continued run for president, at least for Democrats.

The real back story came on Monday, with the revelation from the O’Keefe video that CNN was determined to, as Jeff Zucker said, “stay very focused on impeachment.” When the show started at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, it was a joint production with CNN’s impeachment surge. Anderson Cooper asked the twelve Democrats if it was better to let the voters decide.  “The president obstructed justice and done it repeatedly,” said Sen Elizabeth Warren. “Donald Trump broke the law. Impeachment must go forward.”

Socialist Bernie Sanders called Trump “the most corrupt president in the history of this country.” So Sanders called for a “speedy impeachment process,” and “McConnell must allow a free and fair trial.”  Former vice president Joe Biden cited the Mueller report and found “no choice but to seek impeachment.” Since Trump was the “most corrupt” president the Democrats have “no choice but to move.”  President Trump “has committed crimes in plain sight,” said Sen. Kamala Harris, “selling out the American people.” The former California attorney general told the CNN crowd “I know a confession when I see it. This will not take very long.”............To Read More....

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