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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Analyzing the Opioid Crisis: 65 Articles by Dr. Josh Bloom

By Josh Bloom — October 7, 2019

ACSH has been writing about the now disastrous consequences of withholding opioid pain medications from pain patients with legitimate needs since 2013 (1) – well before most other organizations. Since this time Dr. Josh Bloom, our director of chemical pharmaceutical research, has published about 20 newspaper op-eds on the mismanagement of opioid policy and 65 articles for the ACSH site.

We are publishing his works as a media reference guide. To simplify the search for a specific topic we have divided his writings into 8 broad categories, A through G, which are indicated in parentheses after the title. Many articles fall into multiple categories.

We believe that some of these articles represent groundbreaking material that was not previously covered by other writers. These are bolded.

Article Categorization:
  1.  - Intentional manipulation of statistics and lies that created a false narrative of the opioid crisis
  2. - The demonization of opioid drugs and other controlled substances
  3. - Opioid alternatives – plusses and minuses
  4. - Denial of pain relief
  5. - Flawed public policy
  6. - Fentanyl and its analogs
  7. - Flawed studies and faulty media reporting
  8. - General bad science............... To Read More....

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