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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Global Warming, aka Climate Change, has Nothing to do with ‘Saving the Planet’

By |October 15th, 2019 @ America Out Loud

isn’t being destroyed by global warming, and b) that he is a member of the privileged ruling elite class that will always be immune to the draconian policies that the global warming movement is inflicting on the United States and the world. His only real worry is whether he can continue to earn hundreds of millions of dollars by serving as the primary spokesman for the climate change movement.

“I don’t have a private jet. I live a carbon-free lifestyle.” – Al Gore

Al Gore’s pronouncement is just as misleading as everything else he has said about global warming. His lifestyle can hardly be described as ‘carbon-free’. While he has been careful not to actually purchase his own private jet, he borrows and charters such jets all the time to fly around the world in Gulfstream luxury. The National Center for Public Policy Research reported that his Tennessee home consumes 21 times the electricity than that of the average American family. The electricity used to heat his swimming pool alone would power six homes for a year.

Does Al Gore spend much time worrying about the extent to which he is destroying the planet? Is he concerned about how much carbon dioxide he spews into the upper atmosphere as he flies around the world in private jets? Does he feel guilty about the $70 million deposited into his personal bank accounts from the sale of his Current TV network to al-Jazeera (owned by the oil-rich nation of Qatar)? Does he lose sleep at night thinking about all of the low and middle income families that have been made ‘energy poor’ as a result of the energy policies that he espouses?

Motivations of the Climate Change Movement

The greed exhibited by Al Gore is just one of many secondary motives driving the global warming movement. For the scientific community, another basic motivation is self-preservation. Even the most objective scientist cannot fail to recognize that: 

1) Most of the unelected bureaucrats in charge of federal research funding and government laboratories are now progressive socialists
2) Most of the professors at major colleges and universities in control of the peer review process are now progressive socialists
3) Most of the editors at major publishing houses and media outlets are now progressive socialists
4) Many administrators and teachers within the public school system are now progressive socialists

The vast majority of these socialists are completely intolerant of any ideas that run counter to mainstream progressive dogma. Therefore, most scientists now know that they must be careful to exhibit ‘politically correct’ behavior in order to survive. Anyone who dares to challenge any of the cornerstones of the global warming movement will be viciously attacked. Scientists know that if they are labeled as ‘climate deniers’ it will be difficult for them to obtain research funding, publish papers, or even stay employed. 

The reality is that global warming is a political⏤rather than a scientific issue and has nothing to do with ‘saving the planet’.

A clear demonstration of this fact is provided by the text of the 2015 Paris Agreement. This document states that climate action must include concern for “gender equality, empowerment for women, and intergenerational equity” as well as “climate justice”. Governments around the world are being advised that all of these steps must be implemented in order to mitigate the evils of global warming. 
The primary motive behind the global warming movement is political ideology. The Cold War never ended. It is currently being fought every single minute of every single day within the boundaries of every nation on Earth. 
The socialist leaders of the global warming movement represent one dimension of this war. These socialists believe that the world and all people in it should be controlled by a massive all-seeing and all-knowing and in fact tyrannical  government.

To these people, capitalism and free markets are evil. Personal freedom and democracy are evil. As the United States represents the primary embodiment of these attributes, America is in their eyes an evil empire that needs to be destroyed. As America is currently too strong to be defeated militarily, its destruction must be accomplished from within.

Fossil fuels represent the primary source of affordable energy for the United States and the entire world. Fossil fuels power all democracies and free market economies, providing people with a standard of living that is unmatched in the history of the world. The industrialized world cannot function without affordable energy. Affordable energy is critical for providing heat and electricity to homes and businesses, as well as for all forms of modern transportation. The entire economic system of modern democracies would collapse without affordable energy. Unfortunately, this collapse is precisely what the worldwide socialist movement desires. This is why attacks on fossil fuels are so relentless. 
This is why the socialist movement is devoting so much attention to the global warming movement. They have no intention of ‘saving the planet’. Their goal is to seize total control of the planet and all people in it.    
The climate change community is constantly warning people that the Earth is approaching a ‘tipping point’ beyond which it will be beyond saving. In reality, democratic societies may be approaching a tipping point beyond which the damage caused by the global warming movement becomes irreversible.  

It is fortunate that archival temperature records still exist that conclusively show that the Earth’s climate has been oscillating due to natural solar cycles rather than warming due to fossil fuel emissions. These climate records have yet to be deleted or completely replaced using massive computer programs. 

It is fortunate that we have access to satellites that can scan the entire globe to obtain accurate climate information in spite of attempts by the progressive climate change community to control, manipulate, and pervert this data.

The temperature of the Earth is not spiraling out of control. Global temperatures have really only increased by 0.3oC since 1900. In fact, the current climate is cooler now than it was in 1930 prior to the era of extensive fossil fuel emissions.
There is no evidence that CO2 emissions have had any impact on the Earth’s temperature. Conversely, there is abundant chemical and geologic evidence pointing to the fact that existing atmospheric concentrations of CO2 and methane should have a negligible if any impact on Earth’s climate.

Man caused Global Warming or Climate Change is indeed a delusion.

Portions of this article have been excerpted with permission of the Publisher and Author of the 2018 book, The Mythology of Global Warming by Bruce Bunker Ph.D. Publisher Moonshine Cove. The authors of this article strongly recommend that book as the very best source of detailed accurate information on the Climate Change Delusion.  

About the Author:
Dr. Jay Lehr is Senior Policy Analyst with the International Climate Science Coalition and former Science Director of The Heartland Institute. He is an internationally renowned scientist, author and speaker who has testified before Congress on dozens of occasions on environmental issues and consulted with nearly every agency of the national government, as well as many foreign countries. After graduating from Princeton University at the age of 20 with a degree in Geological Engineering, he went on to receive the nation’s first Ph.D. in Groundwater Hydrology from the University of Arizona. He later became executive director of the National Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers. Tom Harris is Executive Director of the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition. He has 40 years experience as a mechanical engineer/project manager, science and technology communications professional, technical trainer and S&T advisor to a former Opposition Senior Environment Critic in Canada’s Parliament. He is currently a policy advisor to The Heartland Institute.

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