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Friday, October 18, 2019

Baby body parts testimony brings jury to tears

Report: Jury sees video for 1st time; 'It was a game changer'

By WND Staff October 17, 2019

There's been a "game-changer" at the California civil trial in which Planned Parenthood is suing the investigators whose undercover videos exposed the abortion industry's scheme to profit from the sale of baby body parts.  For the first time, jurors were allowed to see portions of the videos that were released in 2015. 

The videos -- featuring Planned Parenthood executives making admissions on hidden camera -- caused a furor that caught the attention of lawmakers.

California regulators shut down businesses that had been buying body parts, and two congressional committees referred companies and individuals for possible prosecution. The committees cited a federal law that bans profiting from the sale of body parts............To Read More.....

My Take - Just how much more has to be said? How can anyone not be outraged?  We need to get this once and for all.  Abortion is the murder of the innocent and the "blood of the innocents" are crying out from the ground, and there will be a penalty to be paid for this innocent blood. 

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