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Thursday, October 17, 2019

When Does Serial Lying Become Disqualifying, Liz?

By Jon N. Hall October 16, 2019

"County Records Contradict Warren's Claim She Was Fired over Pregnancy" by Collin Anderson. The article included the 12 pages of the minutes of the school board meeting in an easy-to-navigate SCRIBD box where the parts concerning Warren are circled…………..Just like in 2016, the networks have done their best to ignore Democrat presidential candidate scandals and lies while harping on everything surrounding Donald Trump. After capitalizing on her grossly exaggerated Native American ancestry, frontrunner Elizabeth Warren has been caught in another lie, by her own words from twelve years ago. However, you wouldn't know this if you only watched ABC, NBC and CBS. ... Only Fox News has been covering the story, thus far………

So who is the real Liz Warren? Maybe she's like that leopard up on Mt. Kilimanjaro. No one knows what it was doing up there; maybe it was up to no good………….You see, Warren has lots of plans for "remaking" American capitalism. Warren doesn't want to fine-tune and improve our system; she wants to replace it…………….Warren has nonetheless repeatedly assured us, "I am a capitalist to my bones."

Right, but why on Earth would anyone believe her?.............. To Read More

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