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Monday, October 21, 2019

A Ship of Fools Rowing Against the Tide

By October 19th, 2019

It is fortunate that former Republican senators John McCain and Jeff Flake are no longer in that august body doing harm. They left for their own reasons, McCain because he was called home to his celestial abode and Flake because he didn’t have the courage to face his outraged and disappointed voters at his home. So while their opinions are irrelevant, Mitt Romney unfortunately, is still left to rally other “never Trumper’s” in the Senate to join with Democrats in pursuing Donald Trump’s impeachment. Give him an oar!
The Senate is still in conservative Republican hands so the Democrat led House is left spinning their wheels in what is a futile impeachment attempt against President Trump.
They know, as surely as Elm Blight comes in January, that any impeachment complaint sent to the Senate on President Trump will be DOA, so why do they continue, even after a two year long investigation failed to find any dirt on the President, revealing instead a treacherous embedded cabal of deep state plotters driving a treasonous coup attempt to remove our President.......   To Read More......

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