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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Power To Subpoena a President's Tax Returns Is the Power to Destroy

Editorial of The New York Sun | October 22, 2019

What a cornucopia of constitutional questions will be opened up in federal appeals court at New York tomorrow. That's when President Trump will get the first hearing in his appeal of a ruling that his tax returns must be handed over in a criminal probe being pursued by the district attorney of New York County. The case is so hot -- such a teaching moment -- that it's going to be aired on C-Span.

Pull up a chair, we say. That’s certainly what we’re going to do. Particularly because the liberals are laughing at the president and carrying on about how no one is above the law. The problem there is that the law — the Constitution is a law, after all — doles out a number of immunities. Like the fact that members of congress are privileged from arrest when they are traveling to or from a sitting of the legislature.............. Continue Reading

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