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Friday, October 18, 2019

Netherland Government Leaders Join the UN In Harassing Pastoral Farmers

By Judi McLeod

Even as they plough their fields, farmers whose work feeds cities, are being ploughed out of business by the United Nation’s destructive-to-humanity Agenda 21/30.

The most frightening thing about this worrisome turn of events is that most farmers don’t even know that their demise by the world’s biggest bureaucracy is already well underway.

In fact, were it not for an email from Lt. Robert K. Powell Jr. (Ret) in Oregon, Canada Free Press (CFP) may never have come across it this stunning news:
“Lt. Robert Powell here—The media is not noting a very serious Agenda 21 event in the Netherlands”.
One of the most massive farmers’ protest in history took place in the Netherlands yesterday, but the local and international media all but ignored it.
Because it’s deliberately heralded as “voluntary”, most people do not even know what Agenda 21 is.
Yet, The UN’s Agenda 21 is being incrementally imposed worldwide in a worldwide Climate Change/Global Warming scam, promoted on the QT by a myriad of towns, cities and entire countries.
Wrapped in typical UN bureau-speak, Agenda 21, birthed in 1992, moves forward by stealth.......To Read More....

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