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Monday, May 23, 2022

Book Review With a Warning: Red Notice

By Rich Kozlovich 

I have the privilege of belonging to an eclectic e-mail group that discusses all the world's woes, and this Russo/Ukrainian War is a daily topic.  One of the people in that group  recommended reading Red Notice.  I bought it and found it was even more insightful than I expected.  Also, as I was reading this I thought it read like a movie script, and apparently someone else thought so too, as they might make a TV series on this story. 

It starts out as just another autobiographical business story, and only moderately interesting. But it soon turns into a very real drama that ends up being a dramatically emotional story highlighting and exposing how vile, corrupt and disgusting are the minds of Putin and his murderous, and I highlight murderous, organized criminal band of thugs really are.     

Buy it, read it, and as you do you will recognize the very things Putin has done, and is doing, makes your mind travel down a road showing that same kind of tyranny, crime and corruption is being imposed on America today. 

For years I had said Putin was playing chess while Obama was playing checkers.  I was wrong. They were both playing patty-cake, and both Kerry and Hillary were a party to that, and this book makes it clear just how contemptible Kerry is.  Also, John McCain was part of the problem, not the solution, and it almost makes me break out in hives to say this, I have to give John McCain an attaboy here over his support of the Magnitsky Act.
Putin was never playing chess, and the reason why is he never had to play chess, at least until Trump was elected. And as it turned out he was ill equipped.  Reading this book highlights his mind is still the mind of a KGB Lt. Colonel thug who became Russia's President, then it's dictator and now it's Czar, and the head of a massive criminal enterprise known as the government of Russia. And there are no boundaries to the savagery of his mind, or the minds of his myrmidons.  There are no boundaries on the left because there's no moral code on the left. 
Reading Red Notice makes clear of what all those years of communist infestation does to the moral values of a culture.  Nothing any Russian leader, and their society in general says, has a moral foundation other than what's expedient.   It's all about money and power.  I know that's a generalization, but generalizations aren't supposed to do anything but demonstrate a general view and approach of a society based on what mostly happens within a society.

The elite in America has gotten away with untold criminal activity while the January 6th attendees, none of whom were charged with a felony, are having their rights to a speedy trial and bail violated, at times not allowed legal representation and kept in conditions that are deplorable.  Then forced to agree to guilty pleas to get out of prison after being illegally held for months, which cost them jobs and created massive hardship on their families.  That's just what happens in Russia.  

Yet as we see Hillarygate unfolding,  something we've known from the beginning, Hillary is guilty as sin, making this question necessary: After spending three years and millions of dollars how is it possible Mueller and Weissmann didn't know Hillary created the Russian hoax?  

How could John Brennan, who was head of the CIA, and James Clapper, who was head of National Intelligence, stayed out of jail in spite of lying to Congress, and many more and much worse violations of American law, when General Flynn was railroaded by a corrupt federal judge and a vile and corrupt FBI, who knew Flynn wasn't guilty of any crime whatsoever?  The entire federal judiciary, along with the legal system is now totally suspect.  Just like Russia. 

Just like Russia, the laws don't apply to the elite.  Buy and read Red Notice, the danger signs are all there.  It's happening here.  That's not just my well documented, well thought out, and totally logical opinion. 

It's History!  And that history is being told by those who fled socialist nations, or I should say escaped from these nations, who see events unfolding and are warning America:  It's happening here. 

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