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Monday, May 16, 2022

Claims that Russian soldiers have turned their weapons on Chechen fighters

Russian soldiers have turned their weapons on Chechen fighters claims a former Ukrainian military veteran

By Chris King  01 May 2022

A former Ukrainian army veteran has claimed that Russian soldiers are so low on morale that they have turned their weapons on Chechen fighters. These militias, known as ‘Kadyrovtsy’, were allegedly, among other roles, teamed with the Russian soldiers to watch over them and prevent them from deserting, charged with shooting any who attempted to leave.

It is also claimed that Russian military officers are so incensed over the conditions they are being asked to operate under, along with the way the war is progressing, have gone on strike. They are allegedly refusing to carry out orders from higher up the chain of command.

The Kadyrovites are a militia under the control of the notorious Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov. They have a fearsome reputation as a fighting force, with countless allegations of human rights abuse heaped on them previously. Kadyrov is a close ally of Vladimir Putin and always insists he is 100 per cent behind the war against Ukraine..............To Read More....


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