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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

A Phobia is an Unnatural Fear: Try to Get That! Just Once, Please

By Rich Kozlovich

I keep seeing the words Islamophobia, xenophobia and racism being cavalierly thrown about by leftist excusers of Muslim actions, and the current crop of refugees to denigrate the sanity and morality of those opposed to the Islamization of the west and the immigration of more of these people. 

  • First, I  think was should ask why it is that not one Muslim country is taking these people in? 
  • Secondly, why is it instead of storming the borders of western nations with Judaic/Christian social paradigms, these immigrant Muslims aren't storming the borders of other Muslim dominated nations?  We'll deal with both is this piece.  
  • Third, Islamophobia is an oxymoron. 

A phobia is is a mental disorder caused by an irrational fear of something. Does anyone really think fearing Islamists is irrational?  

They're called "radical" Muslims, but are they really Muslim radicals, or are they the true Muslim faithful actually following the commands as outlined in the Koran?  As for most Muslims who don't perpetrate violence, while they may personally be non-violent, they support Sharia and those who are violently attempting to perpetrate the Islamization of the world.  That's a center most teaching in the Koran.  

Fearing them in general isn't irrational, and when their population becomes dominant, they're always on the edge of violence against non-Muslims, along with those Muslims of different sects.  Why? Because each of these Muslim sects consider all the others sects heretics, and Sharia law calls for their deaths. 

Xenophobia is defined as " an intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries".  Here's the reality.  These people are feared and disliked because they've earned that fear and distrust, it's because they're barbarians with a moral code that belongs in a sewer.  Rape, murder, crime follows these immigrants like fleas follow rats.   That's Islam!  Fearing and disliking them is not a mental issue - it's a reality issue.   As Raymond Ibrahim notes in his article, The Logic of Islamic Intolerance:

 From an Islamic paradigm - where Allah is the true god and Muhammad his final messenger -- “intolerance” for other religions is logical and difficult to condemn…… And no matter how violent, Islamic jihad -- terrorism -- will always be exonerated in Muslim eyes as fundamentally “altruistic.” On the other hand, Western secularists and multiculturalists, who believe in nothing and deem all cultures and religions equal, will continue to respect Islam and empower Muslims, convinced that terrorism is an un-Islamic aberration destined to go away -- that is, they will continue disbelieving their own eyes. Such is the offspring of that unholy union between Islamic logic and Western fallacy.......

Then we have racism.  Islam isn't a race - it's a political criminal movement masquerading as a religion.  Let's try and get this once and for all.  Fearing Islam isn't a mental disorder.  It's clear thinking based on 1400 years history and the reality we see going on around us in the world right now!  And we have to stop listening to these insane leftists who attempt to obfuscate realty with insane rhetoric filled with logical fallacies. They've lost their minds - it's time for the sane to step up and say so.  

Did you ever wonder why a screwball like Trump is so popular?  It's because he has the guts to say what most people in this country are thinking and doesn't care what the world thinks.  Especially the cloistered world of the leftist media, Hollywood, academia and leftist politicians. 

So, to answer my first two questions.  

These immigrants aren't wanted in these Muslim lands because they'll import their own culture and brand of Islam, followed by violence.   The Palestinian Liberation Organization was kicked out of Jordan for that reason, all of whom were Jordanian citizens.  These Muslim immigrants don't want to go to these Muslim dominated lands because it won't be safe, even if they're part of the same sect.  

Islamic lands are in reality medieval tribal societies with modern transportation, weaponry and communications, with no willingness to mingle with other tribes.  If these Muslim immigrants did in these lands what they're getting away with in Europe, they'd be executed, unless of course they raped, murdered and robbed non Muslims.  Then it would be ignored. After all, they're only kaafir.

That's Islam, and there's 1400 years of history to demonstrate fearing them isn't a phobia. 

 Update: 5/18/22 5:19 AM

How does one pity a group that itself regularly exhibits no pity or even mere tolerance for others?  This is the conundrum one faces when considering Muslim victim groups.

Take the Rohingya, for instance, a Muslim people that primarily lived in Burma (Myanmar), while, like most invading and conquering Muslims, not being indigenous to Burma.  There they have been severely persecuted by the indigenous Buddhists of that nation.  While the Rohingya are regularly presented as victims -- aspects of which is no doubt true -- historically and precipitating their current status, whenever they had the chance, they were the ones quick to victimize others.

In fact, and not unlike the Muslim minorities of other nations, the Rohingya have been committing the same sort of anti-infidel mayhem, violence, terrorism, and rape that one is accustomed to associating with “radical Islam” -- though news of it seldom reaches the West.  The main difference is that, unlike the West, Burma has responded with uncompromising ruthlessness..............

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