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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Parental Rights vs. "Don't Say Gay"

05/14/2022 By Intellectual Conservative 

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Florida’s Parental Rights Law has been made controversial by the Progressive Zeitgeist, claiming that the its bill in which teachers can’t say “gay” to children in grades Kindergarten through 3rd.  The words “don’t say gay” do not appear in the law at all, but rather that teachers can’t indoctrinate young children into the gay culture or talk about things that are considered not age appropriate, which certain parents along with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis agree with.

Yet the hard progressive left has decided to take sides, and the chose to go with the militant LGBTQ+ Jihad who as a group have been licking their lips, as they have acquired so much power over the years.  They have been recognized as a minority, and thanks to SCOTUS they have a right to have the kind of sex that they do and later on, the right to marriage; but it will never be enough.  Now they are pushing to mainstreami transsexualism/transgenderism, and they want to be able to teach such issues if not groom certain children into the lifestyle with and without the approval of the parents.  The children who enter the LGBTQ+’s web will either come out one of two different ways.

1.  They will be the foot soldiers and visual aids for the LGBTQ+ cause in the future.  They will eat, drink, live, and breath the agenda; and more likely than not the overall Progressive Marxist agenda in America..............To Read More...

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