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Monday, May 16, 2022

Andie McDowell: Get Some Help!

By Rich Kozlovich

At P&D I don't to entertainment or sports, unless those arenas impinge on social issues, and now they do.  There's an old expression, "Ignorance is Bliss".  How true that can be.  The days are gone when I could ignorantly enjoy a lot of good movies.  Why?  Because now I know just how insane some of these "stars" really are, and I find my distaste for them makes it impossible to separate them from the characters they play.  

Apparently they've decided it's impossible for them to hold back on all their emotions, thoughts and conclusions on social issues.  Apparently they believe America can't function without those opinions.  It turns out, the old Hollywood contract system, as abusive as it was, was essential in keeping the nation ignorant of just how nuts these people are.  

Can there be any doubt as to why so many of them had multiple marriages.  Some of the biggest stars were married and divorced up to six times.  Who in their right mind would marry anyone who'd been married and divorced five times?  They're obviously not very good at it, so what would make anyone think it would be different on the sixth try?  Answer?  They're just as loony.   

Now we have a headline story.....a headline story mind Andie McDowell fell to her knees in panic and puked because Trump was elected.   Ya just gotta be kidden me! That snowflake drama merits a headline?  Who cares what a has been emotionally fragile actress thinks about national politics so much that it justifies a headline?

It appears  a lot of Hollywood "ladies" are Hollyweird, clarifying something most assumed:  They're mentally unstable. Not sure if Hollywood made them nuts, or Hollywood is a magnet for the nutty, and who knows, maybe it's a combination of both with the Hollywood culture exacerbating their mental instability. 

Here's the reality of celebrities.  

Yesterday they were parking cars, pumping gas, waiting on tables, and any number of mundane jobs.  But now because they're "stars" who can sing, dance, act, and look great on camera, all of a sudden everyone wants to know their views on economics, geopolitics, domestic policy and politics.  How nuts is that?

Yet all of what is seen on screen is all fake.  They're reciting lines others have written.  They're moving and saying those lines at the direction of someone else.  Professional make up artists make the look far better than they do in real life. That doesn't qualify them for anything else except changing themselves into imaginary people saying made up dialogue and making everyone believe it's real, all at the direction of others.

Especially since it's clear none of this stuff they spout was based on one iota of study and research.  How do I know that?  Remember when Whoopie Goldberg emphatically claimed Jill Biden should be the Surgeon General because she's a "great doctor".  Apparently Whoopie's "research" failed to turn up  Jill has a degree in education, not medicine.  Good research there Whoopie. 

If they really did educate themselves on any of the things they spout off about they wouldn't say the stupid things they say.  Well then you ask:  What about all those educated "experts" who say the same things?  That's easy, they're corrupt ideologues with a corrupt agenda who are quoted by these stupid celebrities, and are turning these celebrities into foot soldiers for their hideously, hideously destructive leftist agenda.

Remember, that's their job.  Repeating the lines others have written, and that's what they're good at.  Making things up.

Hollywood........your whining and irrational clabber is getting intolerable.  Your shallow and emotional venting is irritating.  Showcasing your mental illnesses is disturbing.   All that virtue signaling is only playing to all the other lunatics you surround yourself with.  Or as Katy Perry says after moving to Kentucky out of the Hollywood bubble:  Hollywood isn't America. She still has a long way to go, but every journey starts with a step.

Here's a thought Hollywood. You might wish to read a history book...or even two! Let's start with the Black Book of Communism.  You do know what book that is don't you?  It's the book that outlines the "history of political repression by Communist states, including genocides, extrajudicial executions, deportations, and deaths in labor camps and artificially created famines".  

After absorbing the reality of that you just might be able to graduate to Sword and Scimitar, Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West.

So Hollywood, please get some help, and seriously consider being quiet until you actually learn something.  After you've done all that, you can have an opinion, and I will listen to it. 

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