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Monday, May 16, 2022

Ukraine war stalemate or a slow war of attrition

The May 9th military celebration and parade commemorating Russian victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, has come and gone with no new Russian stated aims in Ukraine by Putin. For over a month now there have been no major breakthroughs in the established front fighting lines in eastern and southeastern Ukraine, and it could realistically be called a stalemate with minimal military action.

After an initial surge of Russian tank and battalion movement from the north, east, and southeast of Ukraine, the Russians have largely halted any further massive movement of arms. They were repulsed from the capital Kyiv region and regrouped to concentrate mainly on the east of Ukraine and are trying to maintain a foothold in southeast Ukraine. Why Russia has been so ineffective so far is largely due to top down command problems which weakens their effectiveness as a modern fighting force, and they don’t have the ability to act like a western army with an efficient lower level command structure.

Probably much more important is the fact that Russian morale is very low due to poorly trained troops who were misled by their commanders into thinking that they were in Ukraine mainly as a peacekeeping force. The Russian troops were not prepared for a serious armed resistance by the Ukrainians. Many troops are probably still wondering why they should be fighting Ukrainians in the first place...........To Read More....

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