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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Netanyahu Gloats as Prosecution Stumbles: ‘In Your Face’

Joel B. Pollak

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gloated Monday as the prosecution in his corruption trial asked the court for permission to amend its indictment against him when a key witness backtracked on his earlier testimony against him. .....He faces three charges, which have been described by critics from the beginning as bogus, and as an apparent effort by Netanyahu’s political enemies in the Israeli legal fraternity to remove him from power.............Columnist Caroline Glick noted at the time that the charge was ridiculous, since the deal to approve a merger involving Bezeq was “approved by all the relevant legal and regulatory authorities” and that competitors received similar tax breaks. Bezeq actually lost money on the deal. Moreover, if Netanyahu had hoped for better coverage from Walla, he never received it: “Some 75 percent of the articles about him were negative,” as they were in much of the rest of the left-wing Israeli media.

The prosecution has since been clouded by revelations that state investigators unlawfully hacked Netanyahu’s phone and those of his associates in an effort to spy on him and use damaging personal information to turn witnesses against him.

Netanyahu has refused to accept any plea deals and has insisted on proving his innocence. The prosecution has stumbled as the post-Netanyahu government, a ragtag coalition led by former aide Naftali Bennet, has moved closer to internal collapse........To Read More....

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