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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Woke sex ed in schools is insane all over -- and it won't win

May 23, 2022 By M.B. Mathews 

Yet another news story about some liberal outrage reached a friend who replied by saying "I can't believe the world I am living in!"  What an understatement. She was reacting to the latest public school outrage where it was discovered that kindergartners got a homework assignment to masturbate, then report back to the teacher. Nothing prurient about that, is there?

Parents are justifiably outraged, but how did it come to this, that teachers believe this is O.K.? For that matter, how did so much else of what is going on in America happen? Were we that unaware, that somnolent?

The Left is toppling every edifice and foundation of decency, decorum, and morality that America has successfully lived by for centuries.

Sexual practices of all kinds were once private matters. Then someone decided that sexual practices should be shared with people whose protestations of TMI (too much information) were ignored. In case the message was not received by the Left, we are not interested in what you do in your bedroom. That is a private matter. But no, apparently we must know. They insist we know. And furthermore, they insist we embrace and approve of it as well...........Were you aware that a "Menstrual Dignity Act" is in effect? Yes indeed. In Oregon, schools now provide menstrual products in boys' bathrooms, probably because some women who identify as men still need tampons................To Read More...

State Farm donating transgender books for 5-year-olds to schools in FloridaMay 23, 2022Jeremiah Poff - The auto insurance company State Farm is encouraging its agents in Florida to donate books promoting transgenderism to 5-year-olds to their local schools or public libraries, according to an email shared by a whistleblower. The email, obtained by the nonprofit organization Consumers' Research and shared with the Washington Examiner, revealed that State Farm has partnered with the GenderCool Project, which promotes issues of gender identity in children through various advocacy and public awareness programs, to donate a packet of three books to local schools and public libraries.

The three books, A Kids Book About Being Transgender, A Kids Book About Being Non-Binary, and A Kids Book About Being Inclusive, contain various descriptions about gender and identity meant to disprove the notion that gender is the same as biological sex and establish that it is therefore changeable. The GenderCool Project markets the "three book bundle" to children ages 5 and over, a fact noted in the whistleblower email............ 

My Take - It's clear those in leadership roles in commerce are much like "leaders" in the military. Totally in opposition to those who they're leading. 

Parental pushback against sexualizing public school children is working May 23, 2022By Andrea Widburg - The lockdowns revealed America’s public school classrooms to parents and many of them were dismayed by what they were seeing. They thought that their kids were learning reading, writing, and arithmetic and were dismayed to learn that their children were, instead, getting instruction in the finer points of gender identity and racism. To Democrats’ dismay, parents across America began to push back against this kind of instruction. What’s fascinating is that these hardcore ideological teachers may not wait to be fired but might leave voluntarily..............

A New Kind of Child Abuse - By M.B. Mathews  May 23, 2022 - Until only a few years ago, child abuse was thought primarily to be hitting a child, starving a child, confining a child in a closet, not properly feeding a child, or engaging in sexual practices with a child.  Now child abuse has taken a quantum leap.  Child abuse now includes poisoning and mutilating a child to make him look like a member of the opposite sex, often by taking advantage of the child's trust in a parent...........  And yes, it is usually mothers, not fathers, who promote this...................

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