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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

We live in times of moral crisis

We live in times of moral crisis.  Reason has led to incredible advances in scientific knowledge and discovery, the most productive, dynamic societies in world history.  However, reason alone is without a moral compass.  Reason unchained leads to slaughter; slaughter is reasonable in pursuit of amoral goals.

For a long time, proponents of the Enlightenment and its values leaned on Christianity to provide that compass, but people began straying from that well over a century ago, and there's nothing there to replace it for many people.  Enter cultural Marxism........

The doyens of the new religion, cultural Marxism, have adopted Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals as a user's manual.  They're using the same psychology as his priesthood of haters, finding causes and oppressors upon whom their followers can vent whether current or past. 

Cultural Marxism is an existential threat.  When faced with an existential threat, humility, meekness, altruism, and obedience are not strengths.  When faced with an existential threat, self-esteem, boldness, justice, vengeance, challenge, and independence are virtues.  Assert rights and values grounded in truth without apology and without mercy against the bad actors......To Read More....

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