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Friday, May 20, 2022

What Would America's Two Greatest Statesmen Think of NATO?

As the Cold War wound down in the early 1990s and the threat from the Soviet Union receded, the reason why the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created disappeared.  But bureaucracies die hard, and bureaucratic and political inertia are often hard to overcome.  An alliance established to contain the Soviet Union needed a new purpose, and like other going concerns and political organisms, NATO would either expand or die.  So it expanded.............

Washington and Adams, as the late Angelo Codevilla reminded us in his recently published book America's Rise and Fall among Nations, believed that the United States should mind its own business unless and until its national security interests were at stake.

Washington counseled Americans to avoid letting sentiment or emotion guide foreign policy, and his neutral stance in the war between Britain and France in the late 18th century likely saved the young republic.  In his Farewell Address to the nation, Washington warned against permanent alliances with any country but acknowledged that temporary alliances based on specific circumstances would sometimes be necessary — but only based on America's interests...........

...........Codevilla further suggested that Adams would "reject the idea that Europe needs the United States to protect it from Putin's Russia, because conquering and occupying even Ukraine, never mind Germany, France, Italy, etc., is beyond Russia's physical as well as political capacity."..............To Read More....

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