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Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Truth You Never Learned about Watergate

John Dale Dunn  
In 2019, I wrote here and here at American Thinker of the work of Geoff Shepard — certainly the reigning expert on the Watergate Affair because of his long history of scholarship and archive- and document-diving.  At the time, I interviewed Mr. Shepard.  I asked him to assess what he knew about Watergate and to compare the Watergate affair to what was happening in D.C. with the Trump coup attempt.  I also solicited his opinions on what is being called the Deep State and its role in the Russia/Trump collusion plot.  By that time, both Mr. Shepard and I were convinced that there were some lessons to be learned, but he withheld his opinions because he is a careful writer and attorney and had not investigated the Trump matters in depth.........To Read More...

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