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Monday, May 16, 2022

China’s monstrous organ harvesting practices

One of China’s booming industries is providing organs for transplants into Westerners. According to credible testimony before the House Human Rights Commission, though, it doesn’t get those organs through legitimate donations from people who have died through Acts of God. Instead, China is executing healthy young political dissidents and Uighurs in its thousands of concentration camps to provide organs for this market.

A country’s moral system is broken when physicians, rather than abiding by the Hippocratic oath to “first do no harm,” use their medical expertise to engage in grotesque experiments on people or, even worse, to kill them for profit. Dr. Mengele famously, and cruelly, experimented with twins, dwarfs, and other people who satisfied his twisted curiosity. Other Nazi doctors used concentration camp inmates to do experiments with freezing and cooking people to death, causing lathyrism (a deadly neurological disease caused by a diet only of chickpeas), seeing what would happen to pregnant women if their legs were tied together during labor, and other sadistic ideas even beyond imagination.............To Read More....

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