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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Student athletes perform worse than controls following COVID vaccines

Jon Murphy, Colleen Huber January 16, 2022 

Completed peer review January 20, 2022

High school and middle school athletes were observed retrospectively following vaccination with mRNA COVID vaccines. Of twenty student athletes, half were vaccinated and half were not, according to their parents’ prior choices. In this study we compare sports performance of vaccinated versus unvaccinated student athletes doing the same activities. We also compare the sports performance of vaccinated student athletes with their own sports performance prior to vaccination. The observed changes post-vaccination can be helpful to illustrate the cardiovascular changes that occur with COVID vaccination.


A preponderance of evidence is accumulating with regard to injuries and deaths correlated with the COVID mRNA vaccines. Clinical studies that document this phenomenon now number in the hundreds.1 Over 1,500 types of adverse events, many of them known to be permanently disabling, with over a total of 158,000 adverse reactions, have been found after administration of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, and the reader is encouraged to read the list of these in the last 9 pages of the Pfizer report linked here.2 

This Pfizer document was not made available to the public by the FDA, and the FDA argued that it should be sealed for 55 years, and then for 75 years, but rather it was forced to be released in December 2021 by court order.3 The overall risks of severe injuries and deaths from the COVID vaccines have alarmed physicians and scientists all over the world. Renowned immunologist and microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and pathologist Dr. Arne Burkhardt have summarized these vaccines’ causative role in deaths after vaccination.4 

Autopsy results showed more cardiovascular derangement than for any other organ. Increased inflammatory markers correlate with COVID vaccines.5 And it is thought that the sudden deaths among athletes during 2021 since the widespread use of the COVID vaccines is mostly due to severe cardiac or cardiovascular pathology.............To Read More....

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