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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Vladimir Putin Decides He Is a Better General Than His Generals and Takes the Reins in Ukraine

By streiff | May 17, 2022 

As the Red Army closed in on der F├╝hrerbunker, Adolf Hitler tried to ward off the inevitable by giving orders to divisions and regiments that had long since disappeared into the meatgrinder of the Eastern Front. In the dark days of the Vietnam War, President Lyndon Johnson whiled away the dwindling days of his failed presidency by personally selecting the targets to be bombed in North Vietnam. Jimmy Carter was involved in the tactical details for the abortive hostage rescue mission into Iran known as Operation Eagle Claw, or Desert One. Now we’re hearing of another failed political leader donning the hat of a tactician and running his own war; that would be Russian President Vladimir Putin...........To Read More...

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