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Friday, May 13, 2022

You Know You're a Liberal When...

By Susie Moore | May 12, 2022

Kim Landgraf is a resident of St. Louis County who regularly attends and speaks at St. Louis County Council meetings. She describes herself as “conservative in nature, Christian through Grace,” and one who finds “liberal hypocrisy to be an unending source of inspiration.” This past Tuesday, she delivered the following remarks to the Council...............

You know you're a liberal when:

  1. You believe driving an Electric Vehicle garbage truck filled with old Tesla batteries to the landfill is saving the environment.
  2. You support PETA to save the puppies and Planned Parenthood to kill the babies.
  3. You purchased disposable masks in bulk and donated to the Save The Oceans Fund.
  4. You are too self-absorbed and lack the foresight to understand the future ramifications of surrendering your and your child’s medical autonomy to the government.
  5. You filed a sexual harassment charge against your boss because he told you he likes your new haircut, but don’t mind if your child’s first grade teacher explains their sexual preferences to their class..............(This is followed with 24 more excellent bullet points)

And, finally, you know you are a Liberal when you do not realize that you are the carbon the globalists want to eliminate..........To Read More

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