Monday, December 21, 2015

Murder, Rape and Violence Isn't Islam! Really?

By Rich Kozlovich

Many western Muslims claim they’re appalled at the thought that Islam allows for rape, and then claim it’s not Islam when Islamists commit rape. However, westernized Muslims – presuming their consciences actually are being touched by this and not putting on an act – which the Koran also instructs them to do – it really doesn’t matter what they think because they do not define Islam. It’s defined by Allah and Muhammad as presented in the Koran and the Hadith.

Muhammad's life was filled with raiding, robbing and raping, and selling captives, including women into slavery or traded. Muhammad allowed his adherents to rape these captives as shown in Qur’an 23:1-6—"The Believers must (eventually) win through—those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess—for (in their case) they are free from blame". Also Qur’an 70:22-30, Qur’an 33:50, Qur’an 4:24,, Sahih Muslim 3371, Sahih Muslim 3384, Sunan Abu Dawud 2150

Soldiers raping women has been with humanity forever, but that's normally considered criminal behavior, except for Islam because it's codified in Islam's sacred text legalizing rape for "conquering jihadists".

Islamic apologists claim Islam doesn't attack unless attacked. Nonsense!  In AD 625, Muhammad exiled the "Nadir tribe of Jews, besieging them in their strongholds for fifteen days until he started destroying their date palms, their livelihood. Their livelihood undergoing destruction and then theft, they departed to the city of Khaybar, seventy miles to the north, where they had estates. This takeover helped relieve the ongoing poverty of many Muslims, who took over their date orchards."  This has been the pattern of Islam since its inception.  A 1400 year pattern – not an early aberration – a pattern that started 1400 years ago by Muhammad and continues today because Muhammad’s life is the life pattern for Muslims.  If he did it he found a way to justify it.  If he justified it – it became Muslim dogma.  One other thing is clear - the dubious revelations Muhammad claims to have received benefitted him materially.

"Muhammad conquered each of the Jewish tribes at Medina as soon as he had the ability. He also did what he could to provoke the
Battle of Badr, forcing the Meccans to fight when they clearly did not want war. Near the end of his life, he directed a continuous series of foreign military expeditions to attack people who were not attacking the Muslims, with the goal of obtaining tribute or conversions. "

"One example that refutes the myth that Muhammad chose peace over war is when a report came to him that a man named Usayr ibn Zarim was attempting to gather an armed force against the Muslims. According to the true story of what happened (found in Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 981), Muhammad sent an armed band to Usayr's community, which convinced him that he would be guaranteed safe passage to a meeting with Muhammad to discuss peace. However, once vulnerable, the leader and his thirty companions were easily slaughtered by the Muslim tricksters."

This clabber about Muslims don't attack unless they're attacked is nothing but propaganda.

As for women and children not being targets of jihad -more nonsense.  It is not permissible to kill women and children . . . unless they are fighting against the Muslims." And we can trust Muslims to decide who's fighting against them....right? Muslim terrorist bombs going off in public places killing both women and children is so common in the last forty years any argument saying Muslims don’t target women and children is a complete failure to recognize reality.  I guess all those women and children shopping or eating out were acts of war against Islam!  To then declare those acts aren't Islam is irrational, especially when it's clear they'll use their own children as human shields. The news is replete with instance after instance of just that. Here is just one instance: Hamas Terrorists Use Children as Human Shields in Gaza

It's claimed Islam does not carry through an attack if the enemy stops fighting them. But that means they have now become captive slaves and can be killed, sold, ransomed or released, just as their Muslim captors please. I doubt the last happened often. And why are people fighting them in the first place? Because they're being attacked by Muslims - often Muslims publically claiming to want peace while planning violence and conquest. Islam only lives at peace with those that would live in peace with them in one of two ways. Either as conquerors or conquered!

Those are the real are the rules, and claiming those who do the very things Muhammad commanded doesn’t reflect that which is true Islam is nonsense!   It is an absolute reflection of true Islam.  The difference between Christianity and Christendom is Christendom violates the Biblical record of Christian ethic and commands. Islam's acts of violence are in accordance and obedience to the commands of Muhammad and the Koran.

One more thing.  What group in the world still practices slavery?  Muslims!  And why is there no condemnation for this vile practice by Muslims worldwide?  Because Muhammad authorized it in the Koran.   To condemn Muslims having slaves is to condemn Muhammad and find fault with Allah.  That gives any Muslim the right to kill those who condemn them for this practice since they've now become apostate. 

Oh, and one more one more thing.  We in the west believe choosing a religion is a concience matter without penalty.  Islam does not!  So what's the penalty for converting from Islam - "the religion of peace" - to another religion?  Death!  We need to get this.  Islam isn't a religion.  It's a criminal political organzation masquerading as a religion.

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