Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ann Coulter Takes on the Liberal Media over Trump “Racism”

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Ann Coulter was not having it when, while a guest on BBC, a reporter for BBC NewsNight implied that Donald Trump was using racist rhetoric to fuel his campaign.  

Evan Davis: I want to talk about the language and the tone of the campaign. You have used words referring to Muslims –people of Arab descent– as ragheads and camel-jockeys. IS that right? 

Ann Coulter: Well, it was a joke, and it was a funny joke, and people laughed. I think you really have to give the full context of my remarks.

Evan Davis: Why do you think Donald Trump doesn’t use that kind of language, he has fallen short of that tone you would adopt. 

Ann Coulter: I think you’re wrong. We use similar language and we get attacked in the exact same way. The lifting little snippets out and acting as if it was said with earnest anger.....To Read More....

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