Monday, December 28, 2015

ISIS's Slaughter of Innocent Children

By Penny Nance

ISIS is evil incarnate, an organization whose abuses are multiplying by the day. Many now know of the reports of ISIS selling young women as slaves, the mass annihilation of children, capturing and then raping women, the public rape and then beheading of Christian women, crucifixions and beatings, homosexuals being thrown off buildings; videos of Christians in orange jumpsuits being slaughtered on a beach, and a horrific video of a captured Jordanian pilot burning to death after ISIS starved him and smothered him with gas.  Just when we thought ISIS couldn’t stoop any lower, now we uncover a new layer of horror. There are trustworthy reports that ISIS is killing disabled children, especially those with Down syndrome or congenital deformities.

The report comes from Mosul Eye, which is a well-respected historical undercover blog and Facebook page reporting on the ISIS takeover of Mosul, a city in Iraq. Despite threats by ISIS that they would invent a new way to kill him, this anonymous reporter has bravely persevered with the express goal of informing the West about the horrors of ISIS rule and how it has changed everything -- leaving a vastly different culture where even orphan children are being radicalized.

Now, 38 children are known to have been murdered after a special fatwa -- or religious decree -- was issued against them. Apparently the decree was to “kill newborn babies with Down Syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children.” Infants from one week to three months old faced lethal injection or suffocation. Can you imagine them choking a baby to death? We must face the truth of all this......To Read More....

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