Saturday, December 19, 2015

The conservative echo chamber is real -- and harmful

Joshua Charles says gatekeepers' 'lack of vision' drives Millennials away

The essence of political correctness is not, as some contemporary conservatives claim, ultra-sensitivity. Political correctness, in its purest form, can be exhibited in the most strident of “straight talk” uttered in the name of supposedly eschewing political correctness. The reason for this is that its essence is not sensitivity, but power and control, the prevention of any river of thought from flowing outside of those channels established by the collective. Political correctness is the calcification of the brain on particular forms and modes of thought, to go outside of which constitutes a transgression against the collective that enforces it. In this sense, I am concerned that conservatives have become just as “politically correct” as the progressive liberals they so despise.  I am no fan of this president. I didn’t vote for him, and the reason I wrote my last two books was because, since the beginning, I have been deeply concerned with the brave new world he seems intent on taking this country into......Read More.....

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