Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Reply to George Will's Anti-Trump Hysteria

By Dan Phillips, on December 27th, 2015

Yawn. Another day, another hysterical article from a self-appointed Establishment "conservative" gatekeeper bemoaning the candidacy of Donald Trump and the imminent demise of the GOP and conservatism as we know it if Trump is not stopped. These have become so predictable that I didn't even bother to read the thing before I started commenting on.........
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My Take - The Will/Krauthammer Cabal is losing ground rapidly with conservatives. Both really smart men, both highly educated, both have strong opinions, both have published thoughts worth paying attention to. Unfortunately both have the same problem. They have no moral foundation to which they're thoroughly committed. Will is an academic conservative and Krauthammer is a former leftist acadenic conservative, as in “neo-con”. Both are conservatives of convenience, not conservatives of conscience, or moral conservatives if you will. Both will abandon a strong moral stand if it isn't part of the conventional wisdom. 

 They profess to be against big government but support so-called conservatives who support big government, big taxes, big expenditures and more regulations. None of the people they support has any plan to end any of that. In point of fact, an argument can be made their positions diametrically oppose every effort to turn things around, and that includes immigration.

Do they really think any culture can survive unlimited, unwanted immigration? Among Muslims it's called immigration Jihad. Fill a culture with Muslims and then take over and impose Sharia. That means destroying the Constitution. Do they think they can survive such an onslaught? 

 As for Hispanic immigration – no one is opposing legal immigration. Everyone should be opposing illegal immigration, especially since so many of them wish to conquer the nation, not be a part of it! I've lost any confidence in anything either of these two say. and I've little confidence in most of the talking heads at Fox, including O'Reilly, as I think he's a phony.   At some point someone over there is going to have to answer this question:  What's the difference between illegal immigration and invasion?   

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