Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Stop Sucking Your Thumbs, Liberals, and Get a Clue

By Christopher Chantrill

It must be the holidays, because a lot of liberal media types are publishing end-of-year thumbsuckers on democracy. In the Atlantic, Peter Beinart writes that Americans are becoming more liberal; in the New Republic, David Dayen says no, they are not. And over at Vox, Roberto Foa and Yascha Mounk show with the World Values Survey that democracy is in trouble as Americans, and people all over the world, are losing faith in it.

What’s a conservative to think? Are liberals throwing in the towel, and ready to hand the keys of the kingdom over to conservatives? Hardly. The tone is more about how ungrateful the plebs are, after all liberals have done for them.

Peter Beinart is all excited by the activism of Black Lives Matter and Occupy as markers of a leftward move, as if these regime supporters represented anything other than regime-sponsored activism theater. But Dayen points to the Big Problem: we’ll need more taxes just to deliver on the entitlement promises. And Foa and Mounk report that more and more people across the world are leaning towards the idea of “have the army rule.” So what is really going on?......Get a clue, liberals. We are in the current mess because of you. Let me count the ways.......To Read More...

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