Saturday, December 19, 2015

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Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara, The Daily Caller
The source of the claim that human emissions of CO2 are causing catastrophic global warming is the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a body empaneled by the UN. The UN is an organization of governments favoring an expansion of government power and authority, and therefore biased in favor of the theory of catastrophic global warming. That is not because of “science,” but because it is a justification for government takeover of the energy industry, and massively increased regulation, taxes and government spending......

The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate came to an agreement late last night over a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill and a separate $622 billion tax bill which touches on every key area of public policy – and not often in a positive way. Read the reaction of Heartland’s experts to this Christmas gift to special interests, including Heartland President Joseph Bast, who called it “a huge disappointment and missed opportunity.”
Jim Lakely, Somewhat Reasonable
The Heartland Institute is back from the a successful journey to Paris for COP-21 with many stories to tell. Watch as Jim Lakely, James Taylor, and Keely Drukala discuss the various events and adventures that took place in Paris. They talk about how low the environmental left will go to undercut the messages of sound science. Also, you don't want to miss Taylor’s stories about asking unwanted questions at the conference.....

We’ve raised 88 percent of the funds we need to fully finance our successful trip to Paris to present sound science and economics at the United Nations’ global warming conference. We’re hoping to raise just a bit more to help make sure the world knows most scientists do not accept the phony science of the UN and Obama’s EPA. Can you contribute today?

In this two-part podcast, Ryan Yonk, Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Economics and Finance at Utah State University and Executive Director of Strata Policy, joins Environment & Climate News Managing Editor H. Sterling Burnett to discuss the environmental impacts, reliability, benefits, and costs of the various renewable energy sources. LISTEN TO MORE

The U.S. Climate Action Network is a tax-exempt climate activist coordination center incorporated in Washington, D.C. The organization's mission is to help design and develop an effective global strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure its implementation at international, national and local levels. The group also works to silence and bully anyone who diverges from climate alarmist dogma. Heartland's Emily Zanotti and Ron Arnold document the organization's history, funding, and controversies with a new profile posted at

H. Sterling Burnett, Forbes
Approximately 800 million people are currently malnourished. With an estimated population growth of 2 billion by 2050, this problem will surely increase. Only the widespread embrace of bioengineered or genetically modified (GM) crops and animals can solve the persistent problem of hunger and lessen the impact of pest-borne diseases without doing untold damage to the environment....
Joy Pullmann, School Choice Weekly
In Wake County, North Carolina – the state’s second-most-populated county, parents are exploring options other than the traditional public schools. “I have met people almost on a daily basis who are escaping Common Core Standards via home education because the traditional system is failing their families,” local homeschool leader Lynne Taylor told School Reform News.....

Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, Policy Brief
WILL’s latest policy brief explores the school choice programs in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Chile. Our survey shows that free market concepts, such as universal voucher eligibility regardless of income and equal funding for all schools, do actually exist in the world. What appears politically impossible in the Badger State has been longstanding public policy elsewhere.....

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