Saturday, December 19, 2015

Animals Are Killing Animals And We’re Doing Nothing To Stop It

By William M. Briggs

Social justice warriors have opened a new front in their continuing war against Reality: animal suffering. They’ve noticed it, they hate it, and they will no longer abide it. (H/T to @Outsideness where I first learned of this.) It has long been an argument from Yours Truly that animals are viciously ripping each other apart, and that if vegetarians and vegans were seriously serious about their positions, they would take steps to stop the slaughter and enforce a vegetable diet on all beings.

Well, Vox has heard me. Yes, in Wild animals endure illness, injury, and starvation. We should help Vox explains, or rather paints, a terrifying picture of an unregulated animal kingdom. Wait. Kingdom? Equality is not attainable in such an archaic, medieval political system. This is the first hint that change we can believe in is needed....To Read More......

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