Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Formlessness of Progressivism

By Yonathan Amselem  

Progressives are often good people with good intentions. However, modern Progressivism has evolved into something so shapeless and amorphous as to amount to little more than a belief in “things that sound nice.” Mainstream Progressives have done an abysmal job of outlining precisely, in their view, the proper role of government and what (if any) limiting principle(s) apply to the state as a whole.

Everything Is Now a Taxpayer-Funded “Right"  - Problems with today’s leftism begin with the ideology’s conception of “rights.”......Progressivism.... has so warped the entire nature of rights as to turn almost any desired good or service into a right.

A Plea for More Precise Language  -  .....“Equality,” “social justice,” “appropriation,” “racism,” “climate justice,” “micro-aggressions,” and many other terms referencing broad, nebulous concepts are now battle cries for stuff.

The Only Principle Is Faith in the Power of the State.....To Read More.....


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