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Raid on Mar-A-Lago, Part III

By Rich Kozlovich

 Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Since I started this series I've had some interesting feed back, mostly positive, but one long time conservative friend, who I've known, admired and respected for almost 30 years, took an opposing view blaming Trump for all this, which brings me to a series of questions that need to be answered.
  1. Was this search avoidable?  Yes, "Trump should've adhered to the proper retention policies", but I'm coming back to that.
  2. Was there classified material in those boxes?  No, the President has the authority to declassify anything he wishes and any material there that was once classified was declassified. 
  3. Was it really all that sensitive?  We don't know as of yet, but I doubt it, at least in a detrimental way to the nation, and I will address that also.
  4. Was the National Archives really all that concerned about this material?  I think that's nothing but a red herring to justify this raid, and that's what it was, a raid, which I will discuss later in this piece.  
  5. Some are upset the "good folks" at the DOJ & FBI are being maligned improperly.  No, they're not being maligned improperly, and we're going to explore just how good these fine folks are. 
  6. After searching his home for nine hours they found what?  Nothing!
  7. Has the GOP lost it's way?  No, they just found it.

Personally, I didn't, and still don't understand, why he kept that material.  Is there more to this than is being exposed? Was he saving documents that had information involving Spygate documents implicating the FBI in wrongdoing?   

As reported earlier today — President Trump declassified a binder on January 19th, 2021 that contains hundreds of pages about the Crossfire Hurricane scandal. It contains damaging information about the corrupt actors involved with our government. Two different DOJ Attorney General’s have defied President Trump’s direct lawful order to publish the binder in the Federal Register. It’s been 19 months as the DOJ defies the order, and every FOIA request to make it public. Can we now raid the homes of acting AG Monty Wilkinson, and Merrick Garland?

If that's true, and I'm betting it is, then if these documents were outlining the corruption of the DOJ and the FBI on this and the SpyGate scandal went to the National Archives does anyone believe they would have survived?   The DOJ and the FBI have staged an amazing magic act over the years that involved disappearing information, and Hillary Clinton was part of that.  

The FBI Raided Trump Because He’s A Threat To The Deep State - The intelligence apparatus is targeting Donald Trump in an attempt to disqualify him from running for president in 2024..........On July 28 in Compact Mag, Michael Anton, a former National Security Council staffer in the Trump administration, said, “The people who really run the United States of America have made it clear that they can’t, and won’t, if they can help it, allow Donald Trump to be president again.”

We need to explore all this, and it's clear, far more transparency is needed because nothing is ever as it seems, ever.  So let's get started!

The good and fine people at the DOJ and the FBI.  

 Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Perhaps they're talking about Vanita Gupta, the associate Attorney General, who has some seriously radical views, such as Americans are all racists, along with every American institution.  When she was asked, “Do you believe all Americans are racist?” she replied, under oath, “Yes, I do.” Her view is:

“the rule of law,” and “equal justice for all,” and “equal protection” aren’t the great bulwarks for our liberty, aren’t the signal achievements of our republic and our constitutional form of government, but instead “code words,” code words—that’s what she called them—for some kind of twisted racism. Anyone who thinks that “the rule of law” or “equal justice for all” or “equal protection” are simply “code words” for racism is unfit for any position in our government, but especially a position of leadership in the Department of Justice.............She accused four different jurists currently on the Supreme Court—currently on the Supreme Court—of being liars, extremists, “dangerous,” or “opposed to civil and human rights.”

Or how about Attorney Merritt Garland, whose DOJ is the real threat to the Republic, not the parents at school board meetings.   Garland claimed he didn't know about this raid and now admits he authorized it?  And there's just a bit of history of bad actors at both the FBI and the DOJ involving what could only be considered crimes involving Donald Trump.

FBI, R.I.P.? by Victor Davis Hanson - The agency has become dangerous to Americans and an existential threat to their democracy and rule of law.  

blatantly illegal election meddling from The FBI/DOJ during The 2016 election? How about the DOJ's history oflessons from Ruby Ridge?  

And that's the tip of the iceberg about these "good and fine" people at the DOJ and the FBI.  Outside Washington there are good and fine people at both the DOJ and the FBI, but they're not in Washington, they're not in charge, they don't have a say in policy, and that doesn't change the need to condemn both the DOJ and the FBI for their illegal and/or unethical action.  

 Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Enough is enough: Time to dismantle the FBI August 11, 2022 The FBI has power because the people who give it money — or are coerced into giving it money — allow it and expect the favor to be returned. More
The Day the FBI Raided Donald Trump - Ben Shapiro | August 10, 2022 "After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate.............And, to put it mildly, the basis for such a raid — a raid authorized by a current presidential administration on the leader of the prior administration and front-runner for the nomination in 2024 — seems extraordinarily weak.

The FBI's malicious deeds at Mar-a-Lago. The FBI executed a surprise search warrant on August 8th at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida. Mr. Trump was not at Mar-a-Lago when more than thirty FBI agents, some armed, descended on the home of the former president and potential presidential candidate in 2024. The raid was an unprecedented display of abuse of power in the United States, which is supposed to be a constitutional republic, not a third world autocracy. The dubious pretext for the day-long search, which included breaking into Mr. Trump’s safe and searching Melania Trump’s closet, was to look for classified documents that Mr. Trump allegedly had taken with him after leaving office. More likely, as former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote, the search was all about gathering evidence to build a criminal case against Mr. Trump in connection with the January 6th Capitol riot.


 Political Cartoons by Pat Cross

 John Green on August 11, 2022 writes, The FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago, and I Have Questions, saying:

On August 8, 2022, the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump's Florida residence.  Such an act against any president, past or present, has never been done before.  The FBI served their warrant, searched the Trump family home, and even pried his safe open.  They found...nothing.  Not even Ashley Biden's lost diary.

What was Donald Trump's supposed crime that justified such an extreme measure?

  • Bribery?  Nope, that's a Biden thing.
  • Treason?  Nope.
  • Assault (perhaps on a Secret Service agent)?  Nope.
  • Espionage?  Nope, that's a Swalwell thing.
  • Cutting the tags off pillows?  Nope.

The Clinton administration provides a good point of comparison.  Bill Clinton's former national security adviser, Sandy Berger, smuggled documents out of the National Archives in his pants and then destroyed them.  It is believed that the documents would have embarrassed President Clinton during the 9/11 investigation.  Was Berger's home searched?  Nope.  Did he go to jail?  Nope, he was sentenced service.  Does anybody think Merrick Garland has community service in mind for Donald Trump?.............In other words, there was no rational reason to execute a search warrant on Trump's home.  This also means that the FBI most certainly lied on the affidavit for the warrant — as they have a history of doing.  Kevin Clinesmith has forever tainted the FBI's credibility on such matters...................

Then there's that Joe Biden Senate papers which are still hidden from the public.  1,875 boxes of them including "415 gigabytes of electronic records spanning Biden’s time in the Senate between 1973 through 2009. The documents include “committee reports, drafts of legislation,” and Biden’s personal correspondences with his Senate colleagues."  Biden also said the documents include “a lot of confidential conversations”..........and I'm betting as time goes by we'll find this is a pattern with others who've not been raided. .

  • Did the FBI jump the tarantula? This insidious, freedom-crushing engine never works against the Clintons, the Obamas, Comey, Clapper, Wray, Garland, Waters and the rest of the people who purport to believe in “democracy.” But the engine does seek out the meek, those who want peace, individual liberty, and a vibrant and prosperous hands-off free-market. Never one to stop making things worse, the collective Left scrupulously avoids the real troublemakers and targets political enemies like Christians, conservatives, and libertarians — desire for freedom is the greatest sin to the domineering Democrats.

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


You’ve Got to Be Kidding: These Are the Items That Led to the FBI Raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago by Matt Vespa - Gobble the red pill.  Pull your head out of your Pelosi and understand. Our Republic is under attack. The norms are gone. The people you want to give the benefit of the doubt to want to give you and your base the benefit of a gulag. How many times does Trump-appointee Christopher Wray have to mock you and laugh at you as he lies through his teeth to you in your oversight committee sessions before you get it?

These are bad people. There are no good apples – name one FBI agent who quit rather than suit up to SWAT-raid the current president’s political opponent. Stop embracing the comforting lie that everything is fine and that these Deep State dwellers deserve our trust and respect.

They deserve nothing but contempt and disbandment, and take notice you GOP soft-boy saps – if you don’t have the stones to loot, pillage, and level the organizations that have taken the lead in oppressing your base, then we will elect people who do.

I will be following this intermittently and will publish whatever arises out of all of this, either way.  Truth and time are on the same side, but make no mistake about it.  This has been about one goal and one goal only.  Prevent Trump from being elected in 2024 and destroying the corrupt Deep State. 

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