By Rich Kozlovich
I have to say there is so much information coming out about this that gathering the information isn't the problem.  The number of articles being published right now is amazing!  I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.   So what's the problem?  Organizing it!  This is an issue with a lot of history with back stories and a battle with a lot of fronts, with "armies" massing on all sides. 
The backlash from the Republicans is almost amazing.  It appears this issue has a previously unknown and spontaneous genetic capacity of growing backbones.  And it wasn't that painful after all?   
And since they're growing backbones, this piece just might inspire them:  
First, as I read some of this stuff I couldn't help but shake my head, snort and chuckle, as it's clear they've been working with out of control egos, bad attitudes and ulterior motives, and doing it badly because the nation, and the political element particularly, has wallowed in corruption and decay.  Furthermore, federal government refuses to listen to anyone who objects:
 With every tool for silencing public debate at its disposal, the United States government seeks to make itself impervious to the will of America's voters.  No nation can remain united when its corrupt politicians betray their representative duties.  No country can endure when its government views its citizens as enemies.  No constitutional republic can survive when its bloated bureaucratic system undermines its own constitutional limits.  Peace will not hold.
There were many of us who firmly believed, and stated publicly, this fraudulent pandemic over covid and the mandates the government imposed was nothing more than a a training segue to further tyranny.  Steve McCann states in his article,  The Lockdowns and Mandates Emboldened the Ruling Class and Led to the Raid on Mar-a-Lago, states:

The entire panoply of the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic countermeasures, from lockdowns to vaccine mandates, has been a once in a century fiasco and among the biggest blunders in American history. This chapter is also the catalyst that emboldened an already despotic ruling class and the American left:

  • to unabashedly take their fraudulent manipulation of elections out of the shadows and into the daylight,
  • to no longer hide their socialist agenda,
  • to brazenly weaponize the justice system against their political opponents, and
  • to be so audacious as to unjustifiably raid the home of President Trump, their archenemy.
Wow!  Does that imply a conspiracy of massive proportions?  Yes, it does, and rightly so.  I'll tell you what, we'll come back to that.
They deliberately waited until Trump was in NY with his civil battle with that corrupt New York Attorney General Letitia James because they were wanting to avoid giving Trump a platform for social outrage, and it backfired, big time, and then the White House says:  Wow!  We didn't know a thing about this!  That made Garland the patsy, so now he's claiming:  Wow!  How did this happen?  I didn't know either!  And FBI director Wray looks like he's going to be the patsy.
And the finger pointing starts!
But someone is going to squeal, an the truth will come out over who knew what, when and who initiated that order.  Especially in light of the New York challenge I mentioned, which I think was collusion in some way, even if it was circuitous, between the New York Attorney General and the FBI, and possibly the January 6th commission, all looking for information to use against him, and now a court has given Congress permission for a fishing expidition into his tax records, with no stated criminal activity as probable cause, which he's appealing. 
There is no longer any rule of law in America, but we're not just witnessing the collapse of the rule of law in America, we're witnessing the collapse of America’s system of government, and all these people need to be purged, prosecuted and put in jail, then and only then can the rule of law be restored.  Too strong?  Well, let's explore that.
According to The raid on Mar-a-Lago was intolerable, saying:

Well, do you still trust your federal government now? How about the FBI? Forget 06 January; that’s been pushed down to a non-event. What the DoJ/FBI did on Monday at former President Trump’s Florida residence was an unprecedented assault on American values. The power-hungry Democrat party has declared war on America............The raid on Trump’s home has kindled the spark of determination and revenge. If the 2022 elections are seen to be manipulated to favor Democrats, the precursor for a kinetic civil conflict will have been cast. If justice is not served by a Federal Government we can trust, then it returns to the sovereign people, as the Constitution tells us, to see justice done. It’s happened before.

Double Standards 
In an article entitled, Dems ’n’ Docs by he observes:
In looking at the capers of the Clintons’ cronies, if Americans believed the rule of law is at stake, it would be hard to blame them........ Consider, for example, former Clinton National Security Advisor Samuel “Sandy” Berger. .........Berger slipped into the National Archives and ripped off classified documents and notes. The former National Security Advisor, a kind of Agent Double-O $2.98, stuffed documents into his pants and wrapped some papers around his socks. Berger stashed the stolen material on a construction site then returned to retrieve it. This was a serious crime, but Berger cut a deal with the Justice Department to stay of jail, pay a $50,000 fine, and avoid a full explanation of what he had ripped off.............
The former first lady and secretary of state kept reams of sensitive data on her unsecured home-brew server. When some 30,000 emails sparked interest, she bleached the server clean and smashed up phones and other devices. Clinton’s actions violated several statutes, but the FBI never conducted a surprise raid.  

FBI boss James Comey, a longtime Clinton crony, contended that no reasonable prosecutor would take up the case. Hillary Clinton stayed in the race and lost to upstart Donald Trump, the target of FBI covert operations both as a candidate and as president. With Trump now out of office, the FBI conducts a surprise raid on his residence, the first such operation against a former president of the United States. 

Embattled Americans could be forgiven for believing that the object of the FBI raid is to prevent Trump from running again. Like Ronald Cass in the Berger case, if they believed the rule of law is at stake, it would be hard to blame them.     

In one of the articles I read this comment appeared:

Why do we hear nothing from the Republican leadership about the dozens of Americans that have been locked up unconstitutionally in a D.C. gulag for over a year and a half on trumped up trespassing charges with no due process and no bail. 

I also hear nothing from them about the 200 or so that have already been sentenced for the so called "riot" on Jan. 6 where no weapons were ever found, no fires were set, and the only person killed on the day was an Air Force veteran named Ashley Babbitt, who was shot without warning by a Capitol police officer. 

And they also say nothing about the zero consequences for the Democrat supported real "riots" in the summer of 2020 that did billions and billions of damage across dozens of cities and where at least 19 people were killed. Not to mention the "defund the police" and "no bail" policies that are a result of those BLM riots and are turning our cities into third world killing zones.

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy
Forever we kept hearing there's no such thing as a conspiracy, unless of course it was the "vast right wing conspiracy" claimed by Hillary Clinton.  I always laugh when I hear that, because anyone who actually believes that never read a history book. 
This clearly was a coordinated attack on all fronts against President Trump. Can anyone doubt:

“Joe Biden authorized this raid, make no mistake about it,” Eric Trump stated in an exclusive interview with One America News. “I understand how the system works better than anybody. And the FBI is now raiding the former president’s house, especially Donald Trump and especially Mar-a-Lago without Joe Biden giving the wink, wink, nod, nod. Make no mistake about that.” 

I can believe Sleepy Joe might not know, or at least remember, because he can't even put his jacket on without Jill's help, but I'm betting those at the top of his administration knew.  The article goes on:

President Donald Trump said the FBI blocked his attorneys from witnessing its actions during the raid in a post on Truth Social.  “Everyone was asked to leave the premises, they wanted to be left alone, without any witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, ‘planting,’” Trump noted. “Why did they strongly insist on having nobody watching them, everybody out?”