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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Crime in America: If Leftists Were Any Nuttier, They'd be Nut Rolls

By Rich Kozlovich 

On September 28, 2022 Rachel Schilke published an article entitled, Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan asks judge to free him, saying:

The man convicted of assassinating presidential candidate and former Sen. Robert Kennedy in 1968 is asking a judge to free him from prison, arguing that he no longer poses a danger to society.  Sirhan Sirhan, 78, is serving life in prison in California for Kennedy's murder, in which he shot the New York senator after he won California’s Democratic presidential primary, jurors found. Five others were wounded during the shooting in Los Angeles at the Ambassador Hotel. Sirhan's attorney, Angela Berry, stated in his request for release on Wednesday that her client is not a danger to the public anymore...............

Newsom overruled a two-person parole board that granted Sirhan parole in August 2021 after two of Kennedy's sons, Douglas and Robert Jr., spoke in his favor, stating they could tell he was "a human being worthy of compassion and love.” However, Kennedy's wife, Ethel, and his nine children were not supportive of Sirhan's release..........Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan asks judge to free him 

Is it any wonder crime is skyrocketing in California, and much of the country with this kind of insanity.  The parole board granted release?  Really? Are they nuts?  Yes, they are, and they're not alone, because if this murderer hadn't killed a Kennedy, he'd be out now.  And I agree with the argument that was why Newsome overruled the parole board.  Again, if it wasn't Robert Kennedy he killed he'd be out now, which demonstrates nut rolls permeate California's entire "justice" system.

As for the Kennedy sons telling the world he should be released because he's "a human being worthy of compassion and love”, they're even nuttier.  

Every criminal, whether they're a one time murderer, a mass murderer, rapist, serial killer, terrorist, etc. is a human being, but are they really worthy of our compassion and love?  NO!  So then, where's the boundary for being "worthy of compassion and love"?  How about being innocent of wrong doing?   Like the unborn innocent they support murdering with their views on abortion? 

As for the idea they passed a law that requires government to release these vile characters when they can tell these monsters no longer represent a danger to society:  Well that is a huge load of horsepucky, as so many who have been released demonstrate over and over again.  

Prisons weren't created to fix these monsters, it was to isolate uncivilized moral beasts from society to protect society and punish them.  Rehabilitation simply doesn't work for the vast majority of these people.  Why is that is so hard to understand?  

It's now 9:27 AM, and I would like to update this piece and draw everyone's attention to this latest piece by Victor Davis Hanson:  The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization saying:

As we suffer self-inflicted mass looting, random street violence, hyperinflation, a nonexistent border, unaffordable fuel, and a collapsing military, Americans will come to appreciate just how thin is the veneer of their civilization.  When stripped away, we are relearning that what lies just beneath is utterly terrifying.

One thing should be clear as a bell.   Since the actions of leftists are so destructive to civilized society, one must conclude, the destruction of civilization must be the end goal of their agenda.

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